Who Wants to be a superhero? 8/30/07 SPOILERS


Why do I even bother rooting for anyone on TV? Fare thee well, Parthenon. It shoulda been Hyper-Strike.

Hey Otto. I left you a PM, from last week.
Hygena should have gone.

Why on earth did Hyperstrike need to go? Yeah he broke the cardinal sin, but this was THE episode to drop hygena off.

Hyperstrike has the entire Feedback vibe going for him. Yes, he gave half of his secret identity, but it probably was what secured his votes with the kids.

Hyper is soooo much like Feed, its not funny.
But then, We have virtually the same final three that we had this time last season.

Major Victory = The Defuser
Fat Momma = Hygena
Feedback = Hyper Strike

Tell me where I am wrong here.

There may be some meta-reason to keep a woman on the show until the end, I don’t know. But considering that Monkey Woman was eliminated for giving away her secret identity (and also for admitting to being an actress, but still) and given that Stan has now preached in both seasons how unforgiveable it is to reveal one’s secret identity, kicking off Parthenon was unjustifiable. Stan said that by revealing his last name H-S put the children in danger, Whereas he told Parthenon that the children just didn’t bond with him. So, given one hero who supposedly endangered children and another hero who didn’t bond with them, which is less super-heroic? Actually endangering innocents strikes me as being orders of magnitude worse than not “bonding” with them.

No, I am rooting for Hyperstrike. I thought Hygena should have gone. I mean, how many times is she going to say: “I promise, I will overcome my weaknesses if you give me one more chance?” Hyperstrike is totally into it and usually does the right thing.

However, i am proposing a drinking game based on this series. It is guaranteed to get everyone totally wasted: Take a drink every time you see someone nod in response to Stan Lee or any time you see a scowl or frown from Hygena.
Go back and watch it again.

I’m rooting for Hyperstrike as well. I wanted Major Victory to win the last one and was pissed when he didn’t even make the final two. To me, he was much better than Fat Momma in all aspects. He even had the coolest catch phrase, “Be a winner, not a weiner.” Man, I loved that guy. But we’ll see who gets this one. It’s sad that the movie they have Feedback in is bound to be so incredibly crappy. I mean come on, Mega Snake? You couldn’t even name the damn movie after the person who WON the damn competition? It’s quite sad actually.

Snipe, did you actually see Megasnake? It premiered last Saturday night and was re-run right before the latest episode of Who Wants to be a Superhero. As we discussed in another thread, Feedback was only guaranteed an “appearance” in a SciFi Original Movie. Which, basically, it was. A 30-second appearance as some guy in a Feedback suit giving safety tips about electricity. Yes, it was the same Feedback from the series, but the character could have been “Officer Friendly” or “MacGruff the Crime Dog.”