Who wants to be a Superhero Season 2 TONIGHT

So, I am going to catch this pot of gold of a show from square 1… er two tonight.
WWTB Superhero is one of my two favorite Reality shows. I remain incredibly surprised at how well done the first season was. Im glad I caught this show flipping around… I never would have thought how ““REAL”” the show is.

Yes, I know it’s ‘’ reality ‘’ , but just watch an Ep, you will know what I mean.

Edit:: For those who dont know Tonight, 9 pm EST Sci Fi channel.

I’ll watch, but my expectations are low. Fat Momma, Feedback and Major Victory set the bar pretty high for any future contestants. This new crop may have to have actual superpowers if they intend to measure up.

When’s that Feedback movie coming out, anyway?

Sci fi is re-running season one right now.

As I type, they are down to those three. (I wont spoil it, but those who know, know what I am talking about.)
I didn’t think that the show would be anywhere near as good as it was. I think if it was HALF as good as last season, it will be worth watching for the entire season.

“Be a winner not a weiner.” - Major Victory

I’m pretty sure I saw Major Victory on an episode of Lingo the other day. I only got a glimpse as the game was ending and his team lost but I’m almost positive it was him.

10 minutes in… It hasnt lost anything.
Whip Snap has something about her. (I think its a her…)

I’m surprised that Braid was sent home early. Ex-CIA agent turned homemaker, that’s a hell of a backstory.

I’m rooting off the top of my head for Defuser, Parthenon and Basura. Defuser because he seems to have a good idea of what the show is about, Parthenon because he’s gay (yeah, I’m rooting for the homo, big damn deal) and Basura because she seems so damn cool.

Basura and Hygena seem to be… too perfect.

But Im still behind Whip Snap. I mean if Feedback influenced Fat Momma so much…

Im not saying anything was “fake” or insecure… but still.

I have Limelight and Mindset not long for the show.

Braid was … The same trap that Monkey Girl fell for. Right? I mean, at a certain point and time, Season 2 has to pull some of the same tricks. If it didnt, it wouldnt be Who Wants / Superhero.

But yeah, Im back next week.

I haven’t watched yet, but is there another Lemuria? You know, the woman you want to see running in her costume in slo-mo over and over again? Whenever the first season started to lag, I just kept hoping for another Lemuria shot.

I think Ms. Limelight is the resident hoochie this season. But none of them are particularly telegenic, or likeable, or even interesting. :frowning:

Absolutely – Basura has that perfect body this time around. Lord, is she beautiful :slight_smile:

The web site only has obviously photoshopped photos, but I’d have to give the edge to Basura, if only because I prefer brunettes (not that I would’ve turned down a dinner invitation from Ms. Limelight back when I was single…on second thought, when I was last single, she was in single digit age range, so I would have turned it down, but you get my point).

You know, I thought so too… until I got a good look at her face. Maybe it was just the overdone makeup she was wearing, but I found myself suddenly very disinterested.

Well, until they showed her body in in that costume again. Yowza.

Even so, there seems to be a serious lack of eye candy in this season. Last year we had Cell Phone Girl, Creature, Lemuria, and Monkey Woman. This was the best they could do this year?

[SUB]I’m so shallow I’ve stepped in deeper puddles.[/SUB]

Nothing wrong with that. That and the cheesy humor kept me coming back last season. Take away one of the two, I don’t know how long I will last.

Not that it’s of interest to those of you looking for T&A, but Parthenon is mildy-to-moderatly cute, though I have a feeling they’ll be covering his legs soon. And I actually think he has a shot at “winning” (does anybody not think this is rigged and scripted from the get-go?). Stan Lee likes traditional, non-parody heroes with cool names – note the victory of Feedback over Fat Mama last year. I can’t see Lee writing a comic about Hygena. They’ll keep the parody heroes around long enough to serve their purpose for entertainment, but one of the “straighter” heroes will win.

The Defuser isn’t nearly as hot as a burly, commanding paramilitary hotshot should be.

Anybody else notice Feedback seems to have gained a bit of weight?

I’m as straight as an arrow- but I gotta admit, he’s cute. I just want to give him a big ol’ heterosexual hug.

He’s also got a good amount of acne, from what I could tell- my first thought was “steroids”. Hey, “Roid Rager” would be a great supervillian name.

Yeah, but it was really cool to see him again. He seemed like he was having a blast telling the new recruits that they’d won. When’s his movie coming out, anyway?

My favorite so far would have to be Hyper-Strike. Of course, there’s a respected tradition of circus performers turning superhero. Shame about his name, though- that was the best he could come up with?

The best costume so far would have to be Mindset- sure, it’s goofy looking, but he really put a lot of thought (heh) into it. He looks like he belongs in an Image comic book.

You know, I really can’t believe I’m putting this much thought into a reality show. I feel all… dirty.

Anybody who wants another heaping helping of Major Victory should go to the Sci-Fi channel website. He has a couple of videos there where he’s interviewing people auditioning for season two.

I think this show is wonderful. :slight_smile: … Parthenon is gay? How could you possibly know that?

Well, his catch-phrase is “Who said diamonds are a girls best friend?”

Oh, and he said something like, “I’m not a gay superhero- I’m a superhero who happens to be gay” during his interview at the beginning.

Was it a movie or a comic book Feedback was getting? I’ve seen it come up in comic book previews, but haven’t paid attention as I wasn’t very interested.