Who Wants To Be A Superhero program

Geez, I never thought in my entire life that I would even spend ten seconds watching this latest craptacular event. Much less from Stan Lee.


Due to the lack of anything ELSE to watch, I did catch a few eps of this, and…

Yeah, it was cheesy; yeah it was…whatever.

But towards the end, I found it actually, well…kinda nice. I actually wound up enjoying it. While at the same time thinking what on earth were these people thinkng they were DOING?

Dunno. I am surprised at my own self. What are your thoughts? Are my thoughts somewhat valid, or did majik (sic) mushrooms somehow get into my meal?

Oh, god no. My wife and I watched the first season and looked forward to the second season. And whereas the cheese factor is turned up truly high on the show, it’s different from other reality shows. There is an emphasis on actually having good character and not trying to betray anyone. So, that was refreshing.

It’s cloying and bubbly, like root beer and the Federation.

What show is this? I don’t think it has reached aus.
And how is Stan Lee involved in it?

It’s on foxtel, and it’s only on the Sci-Fi channel, so if you don’t have that you’ve got buckleys of seeing it.

Stan Lee is essentially a “big brother” style character. He sets up challenges and eliminates competitors. But there’s no voting, Stan just gets rid of whoever he feels like each episode.

It’s also available for download via iTunes.

This was season one you’re getting? With Major Victory and Fat Momma and Feedback? You’re right, it’s very cheesy. But also fun and in some moments really quite touching. There are threads here on each episode if you want to go back and read up.

No, I guess it would have been the second season; it had Hyperstrike, Hygenia and The Defuser on it. And thanks for the pointer, I would like to go back and read about how the first season went. I didn’t even realize that there was a prior season; we get it several months delayed on and AFN channel. (Armed Forces Network)

I may get a bit of this wrong, but in addition to what **Sierra Indigo ** said, he also is one of the Marvel comic book writers/artists/whatever that created/or drew/or whatever the Spiderman, Hulk, Fantastic Four, etc.

The second season is much weaker than the first, both in terms of the contestants and the overall fun factor. I liked the second season but I didn’t really find myself caring about the contestants. I cared about especially the final three last year and had strong feelings and opinions about who I wanted to win.

Back in the first season, was I the only one that got a little misty-eyed when Feedback called Stan Lee the father he never had?

OK, based on your two responses above, I now absolutely HAVE to read the SDMB threads about season 1.

Hey, and thanks! :slight_smile:

Season 1 is available on DVD. You may want to see if you can rent it before reading the threads, if you want to avoid spoilers.