Who wants to have sex with SanibelMan?

I know that you all hold SanibelMan very near and dear to your hearts. He’s a wonderfully sweet guy, but the truth is simple-he’s horny. He’s a teenage male that is longing for female companionship. My goal is to help reassure SanibelMan, and maybe get him laid, if you so choose. =) So, Dopers, I ask you this: Who wants to have sex with SanibelMan?
P.S. I do have permission to do this, I am his friend, after all.

I never had friends this supporting!

I can’t see why he wouldn’t have the girls
lined up after him.
He’s so cute.
If I was single and younger,
I would be one of them.

We all need friends like these :wink:

Come on gals, where are ya! :smiley:
— G. Raven

Who wants to have sex with SanibelMan? Not I, says the straight guy.

But where are all the chicks reassuring me?

Well, the best time and place it could happen would be at SPIFFLED!

[sub]And no, I ain’t volunteering. I’m driving him all around the Midwest and that’s enough![/sub]

Before an affirmative answer can be delivered just a little more info is needed.

How young a teenager?

I’m already feeling like Mrs. Robinson after I found out Jester is only 16.

Height/weight/sock size(well * maybe * sock size :wink: ) is not as important as hygiene status. Does he bathe, use deodorant& brush his teeth?

Sex might be inappropriate, why I’m old enough to be his [sub]lover [/sub], uhm I meant mother.

How about if I just lay his head on my ample bosum and give him a very non-motherly hug instead?

That might just do the trick!

It would’ve when I was a 17-year old virgin at any rate…

I wish I had friends like this at 17…

Sex w/ SanibelMan? Not going to happen.

With the OP? Now that’s a different story.

Last time I suggested doing someone other than my (now) husband, I got smashed by others on this board. Sorry SanibelMan. But I live in Florida, so I might be able to stir up some likewise horny girl for you…

Still no takers? What do I have to do to convince you? He really is a great guy. Should I brag on him a little bit more? You all know how great he is, so I didn’t think I"d have to. He is 17, so unless you want to wait until November, you should probably be younger as well. Though I’m sure he wouldn’t mind an older, more experienced woman. One more thing, there isn’t anything wrong with being a 17 year old virgin. So stop teasing the poor boy! =)
Now, Monster104, don’t have your feelings hurt. I’m sure there are plenty of girls out there waiting to have sex with you. Feel reassured yet?
I really didn’t post this to get propositioned myself. I did it purely with my friend’s well-being in mind. But since it happened: How’s it going, AETBOND417? :: smiles and winks ::
Come on girls, show the boy some love.

I think you had a bit of a typo. You said Sanible when you meant wolf. I’m sure you meant to say wolfman needs to get laid. :slight_smile:

Wolfman, Wolfman, Wolfman. I won’t argue with you, perhaps you do need to get laid. I’m sure there are a lot of people out there that do. Unfortunately, I did mean SanibelMan. I hope that you can forgive me. Can you?

Yes, I shower every day and brush my teeth twice a day and use Degree, just so you know.

So where is everybody, anyway?

Ahem. I must strongly object to this. At the moment, after several years of a dead heat (that is, neither of were getting any), I have a lead on Sani in the nookie department. I will not have my carefully cultivated victory destroyed by a courtesy fuck.

You can have sex with wolfman if you want, though.


Sorry, sweetie, I gave it up for lent ten years ago and the whole thing turned out to be so tranquil and soothing that I just never looked back. Besides, there is that underage thing…

I wouldn’t mind…He is quite cute. And he did drive 3 hours to come see me at Ren-fest. The world needs more guys like him. ::smooches Sani::

Hypergirl, I have to say that you are amazing. We had just about given up. I’ve never met you, and not really interacted with you, but you are just very very cool. So, thank you. At least my thread isn’t a failure. He is reassured, so I guess part of my mission is accomplished. But since I’m still here, any other takers?

Well, you know, I would have, but his dad came along on our first meeting. :wink: