Who wants to see Anthracite as a moderator of a new forum on Power etc.

Anthracite commented

And you could also create a new forum for Automotive, Power, Energy and Environment threads, and make me the Moderator

May I be the 2nd to say YEAH

I’m just plain impressed on her answers and the research she does

She knows what she’s writing about.

She gets my vote, too.

Though I have to point out that I don’t think any proposed subject forums should be too narrow. Maybe an Engineering, or Science And Technology forum would work.

Scary thing is, there’s a few people here who I don’t think do their research. Anthracite, Tomndebb, Chronos, Eve, Ukelele Ike, and Zenster, to name a few.

It’s scary because they seem to just snap know it. No need for research.




It just looks that way, Homer. When you see that, it means one of two things: Either we’ve done SO much research on the subject over the course of years of school that we couldn’t forget it, if we wanted, or we really do do research on-the-spot, but you just don’t notice because we wait to post until we’re done. If you see a post stamped 4:30 PM with a lot of technical data, don’t assume that that post was started at 4:25 or 4:28. I actually once spent two days trying to figure out the best way to answer a question, and it’s not uncommon to spend an hour or so.

As for the topic of the OP, just because we happen to count as a member perhaps the foremost expert in the world on the operation of coal-fired power plants, doesn’t mean we have to make a big deal out of it :wink: Besides, although there are plenty of questions that come up on such topics, it’s never more than two or three at a time, so a new forum would be rather empty.

May I be the first to say HELL NO!

That woman already has an unholy vampire lesbian army, and no we find out that she’s unkillable. Now you wanna make her a mod? The thought of that much power coursing through one single person is enough to drive anyone mad!

Frankly, I think Anthracite does a great job on power, coal and cars (and other stuff, too), but a couple of thoughts occur:

1.) giving someone moderator duties seems like a counter-productive way to try and exploit their knowledge, as they’ll have less time to answer questions if they’ve got to monitor all that’s going on in every thread;

2.) I have the feeling that fragmenting GQ will only harm it’s vitality (visit some boards that have a bunch of forums - they tend to be a lot slower).

We always appreciate comments and suggestions. This board is what the Teeming Millions make of it and that means in every way, not just your postings.

That being said, though I second all the wonderful things said about Anthracite, I should point out that moderators are not appointed by acclamation.

Everything that involves substantive change in the site, from the forums we list to the people that work here, all that evolves slowly over time. Sorta like glaciers. :slight_smile: There’s simply no better way to do the big things other than deliberately. We want to maintain the best that we can while adding those things that make it better.

your humble TubaDiva

What have all you people got against Anthracite? Like she doesn’t already have enough in her life without expecting her to moderate in addition…

I know I’d rather have her posting than spending her time cleaning up after the kids…

Smart, efficient, *and * not quick to rile.

I don’t post enough to remember non-moderators by name, but if there’s more Chronos types out there, I’d put them on the “short list” for the next opening.

I agree with beatle and oldscratch. Also when doing the moderator hat thingie the use of [power crazed hat on] [power crazed hat off] could get pretty confusing.

Wow - I didn’t even see this until oldscratch told me about it.

Seriously…while I would love to, I think there is one thing that disqualifies me from the position. So although I love you guys for thinking I could do a good job and help out the community some, most likely it would not be allowed.

Still…it would be interesting to apply as a “Moderator at Large”, a part-time position or limited position to simply help reduce the load on others, especially with the problems lately in GQ w.r.t. high traffic and dozens of repeated threads. But since no such animal exists…guess I’m out of luck again.


She once refered to C K Dexter Haven as “Mr. Red Banana Nose”. Ever since then, he’s harbored a deep hate for her and has made it clear that she’ll never be anything but a lowly peon like the rest of us.


We lowly peons prefer the term “baronally challenged”

She smells like wee-wee.