who wants to take a stained glass class w/ me?

i’ve been meaning to get into stained glass work for a while now, and i just noticed an adult class being offered in the community education bulletin, but i can’t get any of my friends to go with me. i guess i’ll be going alone. i love cheesy community education!


Seriously, I’d love to take a class, if I only had the time. Rollins College has a wonderful exhibit of chapel windows by Tiffany, and I’ve always loved cathedral stained glass works.

I’ll probably take one of those “commercial voice-over” classes offered at “The Knowledge Shop” - the “Make-a-living-making-gift-baskets” class is full.

Ahh yes, my ongoing list of stuff I want to learn. Photography, stained glass, pottery, watercolor…

I took a weaving class this summer and I’m thinking about shelling out the outrageous amount to take a wheel throwing class this term…

mmm…artsy education…

One of those courses I’ve been meaning to take for a while, so I’ve signed up starting Feb. 5. Speaking of cheese, the first project will likely be a crappy little window or Christmas ornament.

yeah. i’m going to call the instructor to see what projects we are going to be completing. best thing about home made cheese, always makes great gifts. just say, “i made it!” and look proud of it.

racerx, I actually worked in a stained glass studio many, many moons ago, but we didn’t make huge amounts of money at it.

I would encourage you to try it though, with or without your friends. It can be very satisfying.

Here’s a tip: buy band-aids in bulk.

I know you’re probably talking about pottery, but I can’t get the picture of you juggling car tires out of my head.

Hmm… Stained glass does sound interesting in a “I wonder how they do it” sort of way. Maybe I should stop automatically throwing away those community ed catalogs.

When do I get my quilt? :confused: :mad:

sure, i’d take a class with racerx. racerx is my favourite.

eeeemmmm, i not sure if they offer classes in my area, however we do have a really good art supply store that sells supplies for stain glass stuff.

i only own the episodes of speed racer that feature racerx.

O.k., so, did everybody take their course? How’d you like it? I really enjoyed making my cheesy little window but my second project is a larger un-cheesy window that I am finishing at home. Of course, I had to buy my own grinder, on top of all the other stuff I had to buy. Expensive hobby.

Ummm…where and what time, racerx? It’s possible I could drive down to the Cities if the classes coincide with my work schedule.

Sorry Chique, you need to look at the dates. I was just checking to see who else followed through…but go for it anyway.


Lessee, I have three handy excuses. Pick one:

Posted before coffee


Let me know if another opportunity comes up, racerx :slight_smile:

I did one of those, and had a blast.

But, watch out for your budget. Some of the finest materials are expensive and nobody (outside the class gurus) can tell it from the ordinary stuff.

Also, for a lot of local programs they set a minimum number of students. If the class doesn’t fill they may ask everyone who still wants it if they will spring for a higher fee so the teacher can get paid enough to do it. That’s what I did, and it worked out, but it cost more than I originally thought.