See my stained glass?

I finally got my web page to work, I hope. The site is still pretty primitive, but I’m hoping to add to it soon. As soon as I learn how!
I’ve been doing stained glass for 4 years. I taught myself (Of course, I’ve given my student A’s every report card!) so, some might look a little rough. Unfortunately, it isn’t in order, so you’ll have to guess which pieces are early and which happened on a bad day.:rolleyes:
Seriously, I’d like as much input as possible. Good or bad. My friends and family have nothing but praise, but I can never tell if its because they like the glass or me.

If your glasses are coming out stained, then maybe the filter needs unclogging, or perhaps the salt reservoir is empty.

[sub]Seriously though, nice work - I particularly liked ‘circle’[/sub]

Oh, and I just noticed the Calla Lily piece, which is excellent.

They are very nice. I love the jewerly boxes! Stained glass is really pretty! I like the hexagon with the black cat looking left - makes me think of one of my cats. The butterfly box is great too!

Thanks for the Mangetout but I don’t have a dishwasher. Hate 'em. They make ones dishes smell funny.

Thanks to, for the complement :slight_smile:
mnemosyne Thanks. I don’t remember if both cat stepping stones got posted, but ther are 2 with the black cats facing each other. They look cute in my yard. :slight_smile:

Nice work! I especially liked the calla lily box.

I used to dabble in stained glass and really liked using quilt block patterns instead of standard stained glass patterns. Just a thought. :slight_smile:

Funny you should mention that. I’m doing a table top in quilt block right now. Ok, not right now. :slight_smile:

I, too, like the circles hanging. The colors your chose for it go great with the pattern!

You do nice work! How do you feel about your solder lines by now, after 4 years of practise?

It’s nice to see someone else with a glass habit around here. There are a handful of Dopers that make glass, but we don’t get together to talk much. Maybe you can change that about a bit? :wink:

Have you ever seen the Aanraku site or any of their books?

That’s some really nice work picunurse. Your student definitely earned the A’s you gave. :slight_smile: Do you plan to sell any of your work through your web page?

I’ve struggled with solder from the start. I had an epiphany a few weeks ago and have been steadily improving. It was such a simple change too. I’ve just changed how I hold the iron, more like a pen than a spoon :slight_smile:
Having never had lessons, I’ve taken longer to get some thing right.

I have seen a few of the Aanraku books. I don’t have any, at least I don’t think so. (I have a book case full) But I don’t use printed patterns very much any more. I try to make my own whenever I can.
There’s a glass expo this week, I think, in Las Vegas. I wanted to go, but my husband couldn’t get the time off. Did any Dopers go?

I think those are really nice! One of my mom’s best friends does stained glass. She does some really great stuff, too. I’d like to learn, but don’t have the space or time, really, right now.

For some reason the site doesn’t seem to be working well for me, I’m browsing using Safari 1.2.1 and the scroll bar won’t move for me, plus clicking on an image didn’t load it. Some kind of problem with the frames in this browser apparently. What I saw looked absolutely lovely though! Just wish I could see more.

aenea Where are all the glass addicts you spoke of. I’d love to pick some brains. Don’t worry I always put them back when I’m done :wink:

angelicate :slight_smile: You’re too kind. If you have a lot going on in your life, I wouldn’t recommend it as a hobby. Most people I know that get into it are consumed by it.
To me, its an escape from the day. I start with something beautiful and, if I’m lucky, make it more beautiful. Its very gratifying. I get cut, and burned, my back and feet hurt, and still I go on, happily.
Maybe, I’m just crazy!

Idlewild I’ll e-mail my friend that set it up for me. I wasn’t able to access it for a while because he had it set for only Internet Explorer & I use Netscape. Bear with me, I’m not very internet savvy.

Ah, yes, browser compatibility is a royal pain - and in general if it’s good enough for IE and Netscape most people will be able to view it. So it’s not a huge worry - I just always like to know if one of my webpages isn’t showing up properly. And of course I want to look at the pretty glass! My mother had a beautiful handmade jewelery box with pale rose and sort of milky/pearly white panels in an abstract pattern that I just loved.

Your work is gorgeous! I am very, very impressed.

I’d be happy to e-mail some to you, if you like. I have probably a gig of glass pictures on my hard drive.

Very nice work. I can see the progress with the soldering, and recognise it from my mom’s efforts. She did a very nice piece for the sidelight of a front door, once she figured out the pen/spoon thing.

I especially like the cat and the fairy, which actually look more like they are set into a mosaic medium than soldered; is that the case, or is this a result of the photography?

My thing is cross-stitch, but I understand the drive to transmogrify the day’s frustrations into something handmade-beautiful.

Ooh, that would be excellent!

Sinshine You aren’t dreaming. I guess I should have explained that I do stepping stones as well. I’ve done quite a few. We’re making a meandering path in the yard with them.
I’ve started another piece with the Driad only this one will be a soldered piece. I’ve had to set it assid for now, though, I’m starting on some cabinet doors for a friend’s kitchen remodel.

Pelleas I do sell a little, but not from the web site. Mostly I’ve sold to friends. I’ve done a couple street fairs. Not much success. I think the economy is to blame.