Who wants to write for Goofus and Gallant?

You do? Really? That’s always been my dream too, ever since I thought about it about 10 minutes ago.

My little girl has a subscription to Highlights magazine, courtesy of my parents, and we always read Goofus and Gallant first. Today, at dinner, we even role-played Goofus and Gallant. Goofus let forth with a mighty belch, and received a rather severe dressing down from Gallant. In fact, Gallant threatened to tell Goofus’ mother about the incident. Goofus retorted that his mother likely wouldn’t care, since she’s the sort of parent that would name her child “Goofus.”

I’ve already written my first episode. In the first panel, Goofus is standing outside of the boys bathroom, high-fiving his friends. Underneath, the caption will read “Goofus never washes his hands after using the restroom.” In the second panel, Gallant will be lathering up his hands. Behind him, there is a toilet with stink lines raising from it. The caption will read “Gallant is concerned about fecal-borne illnesses, and always washes his hands.”

Pretty good, no?

I think Mike Judge beat you to this one, except he had two Goofuses (Goofi?)

Goofus and Gallant was always my favorite.

When I at the doctors or dentist I always grab Highlights from the stack of Newsweeks, Time, and Cosmos and check out Goofus and Gallant.

For the Unhighlighted Children, here are Goofus and Gallant.

Thanks Eve. I didn’t know there was such a thing as unHighlighted children.

Gallant’s such a tool. Sure, Goofus is a jerk, but Gallant’s such a goody-goody that I think he likely turns most kids off of good manners.

He sure did me! [scratches balls, sniffs fingers, proffers fingers to Dopers to take a whiff]

What, no mention of “Gallant is Arroused, Goofus is Horny?”

(Not that that would be appropriate for the Highlights set).

Hyperelastic, actually, there was one episode where Beavis was reading Highlights at the dentist’s office and saying, “Goofus is cool.”

“Goofus falls asleep. Gallant fetches her a warm, moist towel”

Goofus spits.

Gallant swallows.

When I was in grade school (this was ages ago, in the 1960s), the nun said, “Has anybody heard of Goofus?” I, always the smart one, put my hand up and mentioned the cartoon character in Highlights. Sister Mary Perpetual had never heard of this and gave me a puzzled look. No, she said, Goofus was a famous circus dog back in the day. She described the dog’s antics. ??? :confused: Now it was my turn to be puzzled. Did the name really originate with a circus dog? Has anyone else ever heard of this?

Every time I see Goofus and Gallant, I think of that Beavis and Butt-head episode with Beavis sitting in the dentist’s office snickering, “heh-heh, Goofus is cool!”

Back in the early 80’s, David Letterman had a recurring bit, “Fred and Frank,” that was a takeoff on “Goofus and Gallant.”

I would cut that out and frame it on my wall.

Gallant politely says, “Perhaps you overlooked the reference Guinastasia made to this incident in her delightful post.”

Goofus’s response, meanwhile, is peppered with vulgarity and name-calling that lead, in short order, to pitting, a train-wreck of a flame war, and eventual banning.

Johanna: Track #13 on this compilation of circus music is titled Goofus. Perhaps Sister Mary Perpetual was on to something…

MAD did Goofus and Gallant a while back. IIRC

Gallant understands that words can be hurtful and a tool against feminist empowerment.

Goofus maintains that “Bodacious beef bazookas” was a compliment fer cryin out loud.

Gallant likes to eat al fresco on dates. The natural environment is not only beautiful but helps put his date at ease in comforting area.

Goofus likes to eat outside too, in case he has to cut one.

Only one of the biggest hit songs of 1932. Here’s what it sounds like on the banjo. Hell, even The Carpenters covered it.

Eh-heh-heh, that post was longer than one sentence. Reading sucks!

Ah yes, this is documented well in that classic literary work, “Late Night with David Letterman: The Book”. I like the one where Frank and Fred are houseguests. “Frank shows the children how to do scientific experiments” (picture of Frank and a kid with beaker and flask), “So does Fred” (picture of a guy napping on the couch as Fred and a kid put his hand in a pan of warm water).

Yes, you are exactly right, except that, if memory serves, you have Fred and Frank backwards. But I can’t find my copy of the book right now to verify that.