Who was your favorite member of Duran Duran?

Now, I’m not talking about the present day incarnation of Duran Duran, I’m talking the triple-Taylor days (Omigod! Can you BELIEVE they’re not even related?!) Personally, I was obsessed with John Taylor. That square jaw, those gorgeous eyes, those perfectly bleached bangs . . .

So come on all you Duraniacs (please God, don’t let me be the only one), stand up for you man!

I liked Tito.


I came in here to post, and now thanks to you now my “Jermaine” reply is exponentially less funny.

Nick Rhodes

Oh GOD, John Taylor!!!

we have the same birthday (insert smug smilie) June 20th - so that proves he loves me too!

Sorry, guess I missed a meeting.

I may very well be the only male who posts a serious supply to this post, but I am an Andy Taylor fan. Mostly I like the stuff he did afterwards - Power Station, the solo album and the songs off soundtracks.

I was more of a Judas Priest/Iron Maiden guy when Duran Duran was at their prime, so I never got into the actual band much.

I always liked Simon Le Bon the best - he has the sexiest lips ever. (I hope that’s the time period you’re talking about - I was all of 5 when “Hungry Like the Wolf” came out). My older cousin watched MTV nonstop and everytime that video came on, I was glued to the screen. Very kissable.

Incidentally, I won tickets to a Barenaked Ladies concert a while back for knowing that their name came from “Barbarella.” Pretty cool. :slight_smile:

Bon. Simon Le Bon.

Nick was my favorite, with John a close second. GOod Lord, when I was 15, I had anything and everything that was Duran Duran related. I remember them on MTV and my friends and I going nuts. Save A Prayer…sigh…


I was completely in love with Nick when I was 13. I had 120 pictures of him in my locker. He certainly hasn’t aged well though!

However I was a fan of the whole band. Some songs just take me back to The 80’s. That oughta be a thread - songs that take you back to the 80’s. Any such list would have to have

Hungry Like The Wolf
Girls On Film
The Reflex
A View To A Kill
Save A Prayer

To be honest I know little about the band after this period.
I’m am totally transported back when I here these songs.
I Love 'em. But I don’t have a favorite.

Guess I’ll vote for Roger … just to make sure that someone does.

Simon LeBon. I also liked John, but several of my friends did, and one of them was really possessive, so I stuck to Simon.

I saw an interview with him a few months ago. He hasn’t aged well.

I had several pictures of John in my room. My best friend was way into Roger. I think I chose wisely - he has certainly aged well.

This is very much like a ‘when did you stop beating your wife’ type of question.

Nick Rhodes

Use to wait breathlessly for the shot of him at the keyboard during their videos.

Never stupid enough to actually buy any of their albums though…

Are you kidding? I think he looks fantastic now. Did you see the Behind the Music on them? I love how they wait until the last five minutes to drag out the girlfriends/fiances/wives. All the time I was thinking I still had a chance with at least one of them!