Who wears leg warmers?

Does anyone wear leg warmers? Where are they sold (besides ebay)? I’m thinking of getting them for cold weather travel.

A friend of mine loves wearing leg warmers, she gets them at Hot Topic, ( http://www.hottopic.com ).

I got my legwarmers at a dance supply store.

I love them! At first I bought them as a fashion statement. Since then, I’ve discovered how practical they are. The keep my legs as warm as if they were in sweatpants and not a miniskirt. And they are easy to slip into my backpack so that I can put them on as the night gets colder. They are probably one of the best things I have ever bought.

Legwarmers-- “what a feeling!”

What’s next-- torn sweatshirts again?

They were all over the sock aisle in Target yesterday!! My friend and I were all, “?”

Oh my, it is 80s revival nostalgia time already?

Actually, they were quite practical garments for some circumstances. Unlike the giant shoulder pads and balloon skirts.

Whenever I hear the phrase “leg warmers”, I always think of the pixie, Glitter, from that old cartoon Kidd Video. :slight_smile:

Thanks, everyone. Target might be the quickest place to check. This is not for “fashion,” but warmth! :slight_smile:

i was diagnosed with lack of cartiledge in the knee joints (condramalatia patella) several decades ago. my knees “feel” the cold a lot, it seems. i’ve used leg warmers at night when i sleep to help them stay warm (those sheets can be darn cold when you first get into bed in the winter, and i seem to take forever to warm up when things start off cold). keeping them from getting chilled seems to help cut down on stiffness and soreness.

i’ve also been known to take a pair of really heavy, fleecy socks and cut the foot portion off, then just pull them on like mini-legwarmers (or in this case, kneewarmers). works just as good if they stretch enough so they don’t reduce circulation.

(but the best solution of all was getting an electric mattress cover, with graduated heat zones built in. nothing beats turning it on before you get ready for bed, then climbing under the covers and finding them already warm and toasty. :: sigh :: )

this teeny tiny woman in my step-aerobics class wears them.
Kidd Video!!! Oh man, thanks for takin me back to 5th grade. Ouch

Actually that off-the-shoulder thing is back. And damn goofy looking. I was barely around in the 80’s so I have no cluse what people were thinking then in terms of style. I also have no clue now. Anyone want to shed any light on it?

And by cluse of course I mean clue.

I must’ve had about five pairs of those damn things. Purple, pink, one pair of rainbow striped leg warmers.

What’s the deal for dancers to wear them, anyways? I heard it was to prevent cramps?

I may have to turn in my Cool Mom trophy for saying this, but… oh, man, I hope leg warmers and cut-up sweatshirts come back in style! I can do without the stirrup pants and gaudy sweaters, but most of my comfy sweatshirts are shot to shit anyway, and I LIKE having toasty knees.

People who wear huge baggy sweat shirts and terry cloth headbands, that’s who. Don’t forget the tights to go under them!


basically, it all came from the movie “Flashdance”

I think J-Lo recently had a video or a song or a CD or something where she redid the whole “Flashdance” thing, Maybe that’s helping to bring it back.