What happened to Leg Warmers?

I’ve always been curious what happened to them. I had red/white stripped one’s as a kid and I think I even had purple ones. I loved mine! Not sure what happened to them waayy back then. :smiley: I think it would be cool to wear them again. Any Doper women miss them too? or do you think they should never come back?

people finally realised how dorky they looked?

I’d like them to come back. No, I have no views on whether they made any sense as a fashion, but it terms of being warm when weather was cold, they were pretty good.

I’m far from a fashionista, but I think I see them coming back now. Some young women in this area were/are wearing them this winter.

They still make leg warmers for cold weather, though, except now they also cover the thighs, butt, and waist. They’re called “pants.”

Rickjay and Northern Piper are party poopers. :smiley:

You could always go and buy hockey socks instead…they come up to the mid-thigh, but they’re fundamentally the same thing!!

But, you see, even when wearing trousers over my “pants” :slight_smile: kneeses got cold riding little moped thing in winter. So they were sort of knee-mittens, really.

Hmm, hockey thingies might have been clever but the thing was that leg-warmers were easy to find in shops (well, they were when there was the odd fashion for them).

The Nineties.

From the dancing world they came, and to the dancing world they did return.

Like any fad, the leg warmer craze ran its course and faded from the public eye. Unlike other clothing fads, though, you can still buy legwarmers if you know where to look, because enough dancers still use them that it’s economical to manufacture them.

You can also learn to knit, of course, and make your own; I’ve seen plenty of patterns for them, and they appear to be pretty simple to make.

**What happened to Leg Warmers? **

Climate change.

Don’t you guys have any memory? They were hip a few years ago…maybe around 2003 or so. I had a black pair I wore everywhere. I bought mine at a dance store, but like a month later all the hipster shops started carrying them.

The best thing about legwarmers? They actually keep your legs warm, allowing you to wear short skirts in cold weather. Also good for those days when the weather changes but you don’t want to carry a whole change of clothes around all day.

Or when you go to a school with a uniform, and the only permitted slacks for girls are unspeakably hideous… you can wear the skirt and just slide on leg warmers to walk home on chilly days, rather than have to carry a pair of jeans with you and change in the girls’ room. That’s what I remember doing with my leg warmers, anyway.

Via Flashdance, to give credit where credit is due. Of course, the movie also gave us that oh-so-cool sweatshirt with collar torn out and hanging off one shoulder look, which inexplicably is still available. See this lady for a retrospective interpretation of Flashdance style. Yeow!

We did eventually get Jim Belushi’s hilarious SNL spoof, though, so it’s all good. :smiley:

Thank you for bringing back memories of me and my friends looking unspeakably dorky in polyester knit, green and white plaid skirts with bulky leg warmers underneath. They looked like knee socks on steroids. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I just knitted a pair as a favor to a friend that requested a pair. They came out great and she said they keep her legs super warm and cozy. I always loved them in the 80s. They were great to wear at the bus stop with a skirt or even over pants for extra warmth. I may make myself a pair to wear next time I’m up north in the cool weather.

Target had them both this winter and last winter, lots and lots of them. I love 'em, with leggings and a skirt. And I don’t think I look too 80s, though I’ve notice that 80s style is definitely on the resurgence. Plus I live in Minnesota and I’m dumb enough to only wear skirts and dresses, so leggings and legwarmers are a lifesaver.

To where it makes a nice Sequential Thread to “The top 5 worst things to ever happen.” :slight_smile:

Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!
I hated seeing leg warmers on my classmates in elementary/junior high… If you don’t say the name, they won’t ever come back. Right?

They still exist in sports, but they are made of lycra and are typically black. Most notably, they are used in cycling when it is chilly but not cold enough for full tights.