Who Will Be The Next Governor Of Indiana?

Since Pence is now Trump’s [del]Apprentice[/del] Vice President candidate, what does that do to the Indiana governor’s race? It’s not terribly late for the new Republican candidate to catch up, but it does seem to give a significant advantage to any credible Democrat candidate. Any poli-heads have an idea how this could impact the race?

The Democratic candidate is John Gregg, who got 46% of the vote in 2012.

It was likely to be a close race again. I think it still will be.

There’s a new election for Governor in the fall.

So the Democratic side is John Gregg, who lost last time and was apparently running mainly a campaign based off of how poor of a job Pence did. He has been running a net +12 favorability but despite having run before 54% of voters don’t know who he is. As mentioned it had been tight to date.

The impact on the GOP side, both for the governor and in a domino effect, is interesting though.

Who are these people? Brooks was primaried by the TP in the past. Roika seems to be much more extreme hardline conservative. Holcomb has been an advisor and chief of staff but was appointed to this office and has never won an election, apparently more of a business-focused political operative.

It will be interesting to see how the state GOP plays it.

And also interesting to see if the loss of the two incumbent GOP House members who were running and now pulled out to vie for the governor candidate nod make those seats vulnerable.

Are there still party primaries coming up?


Hence the Indiana GOP leadership “will meet Tuesday, July 26 to name a new gubernatorial candidate”

Rick Mount

Still three days till the committee meets to decide but Mike Pence endorsed the current Lieutenant Governor, Eric Holcomb. Current Rep Susan Brooks (who pulled out of her House race to seek the Governor nomination) was getting talk as the most likely.