Who will be the University of Cincinnati's next head coach?

Okay, so maybe it won’t generate as much interest as the ND thread, but UC is now a better than average program with improving facilities, a top 50 recruiting class coming in, and has a little spotlight on it now. I think they will probably get beaten by Florida in a Sugar Bowl shootout, but 2 BCS appearances in a row is a nice start.

Rumors so far have been Buth Jones from Central Michigan, Kevin Sumlin from Houston, Skip Holtz from East Carolina, and possibly Phil Fulmer, but I think that is a big longshot.

I would like for it to be Sumlin, he runs the spread, which Cincinnati’s current personnel is geared to, is a midwest guy (from Indiana, went to college at Purdue), and has recruiting relationships in the south. With the in-roads UC has made in Ohio recruiting already, this could be a really nice complement.

Good question. I wonder. Whomever it is, I hope that UC continues to build on its recent success and starts to let the pollsters take note that they will be contentious and a winning program every year going forward.

Hm, okay, I guess it does help to be contentious if you’re going to be a contender.

A team losing its coach this late in the recruiting season typically promotes an assistant, to minimize disruption. Is Kelly taking his coordinators with him?

Well, the offensive coordinator (Quinn) is coaching the bowl game - if they win, they’ll have a hard time passing him up, if he wants the job.

You won’t get Holz. He’s going to one of the big programs; wouldn’t surprise me to see him get the Michigan job if it opens up.

Why would it? Rodriguez has been there what, two years? To me, this is part of the problem. Nobody has any patience for rebuilding a program anymore. Not fans, not the alums, not the media, not the athletic departments…what happened to that sentiment?

You’re not kidding. Look at this article about the University of Akron’s new coach. Akron is coming off a 3-9 season and yet their athletic director is quoted as saying, “We have the pieces in place to be successful immediately. This is not a rebuilding job. The cupboard is full.” Link

Akron has one bowl appearance in its history, 3 or 4 years ago in the Motor City Bowl, and yet the AD thinks the pieces are in place and the cupboard is full after a 3-9 season in the MAC. The new coach, who coincidentally was Weis’ top recruiter at ND, Rob Ianello, is apparently going to have immediate pressure to win immediately. AT AKRON.

Whatever the Akron AD is smoking, I want some.

I hear that Charlie Weis just became available! :smiley:

I don’t think Cincy has a shot at poaching a BCS Conference coach. Fulmer is probably too big a fish unless he’s dreaming of settling in and owning a program until he dies, Cincy might be willing to make a deal like that but I suspect that after Tennessee he’d want to go to a big money program with lots of resources.

I’m not sure if any of those Conference USA coaches would jump ship to go to Cincy or if they think that holding out in their respective homes will go further towards getting them a job at a big program in a year or two ala Urban Meyer and Jim Tressel. The MAC coaches are probably the right place to start shopping.

It would be an amazing twist of irony in my fantasy world whereby UC hires Weis and they go on to do better than Notre Dame for the next however many years.

Or, they meet in the NC champ game somehow and UC trounces ND. That would be sweet.

I am not sure if they will want a coordinator at this point, after seeing the results of a head coach with some experience, versus a coordinator from a big program, but I am not sure how much choice there is going to be in the matter.

i do agree that coaches are not given nearly enough time to put their stamp on a program, in most places it should be a 5 year period of judgement. This would let a coach get a few recruiting classes under their belt, install their systems completely, and get the players that their systems require. The 2-3 year windows are very unrealistic.

Because Rodriguez inherited a 9-4 team and has since gone 8-16? Rebuilding is what you do when your program sucks, not when it just isn’t quite good enough.

A monkey could coach Michigan to a .500 record. The fact that Rodriguez can’t is almost sad.

Michigan sucked. I think RRod inherited a program that was in evidence of decline and that 9-4 was the best they were going to do for a couple years. So yeah, they need to rebuild, retool and rethink. Shit, the whole Big Ten pretty much sucks anymore.

It’s the third place conference. It’s been the third place conference. It will stay the third place conference.

Big 10 or Big East? Arguments could be made for both really.

There’s no way the Big Ten is above fourth, or has been anytime in the past several years. I think there’s a distinct possibility they’re as low as sixth or seventh this particular year, actually, but with scheduling what it is in college football it’s impossible to tell.

Dave Wannstadt.

(please, oh please!)

First off - I greatly dislike Michigan. I hope they suck for eternity. But Rodriguez did not inherit a 9-4 team. He inherited the remnants of a 9-4 team after the seniors graduated and more than a handful of players jumped ship because they weren’t thrilled with the way Rodriguez left West Virginia. Of course Michigan has sucked - it’s hard to do well with 2nd stringers. Once Rod’s recruiting matures we’ll see what he’s capable of. It’s absurd to make judgements (positive or negative) after two short years.

And if the Michigan job opens up next year, it won’t be Holtz, it’ll be Harbaugh.

Looks like it’s Butch Jones from Central Michigan.

…and the crowd goes mild? :wink: