Who wins: Prepared Batman or Ditka?

Subject says it all. Who wins in any particular contest you can come up with - Prepared Batman or Ditka?

1985 Ditka or current Ditka?

It’s been done. Well, kinda.

Not the same exact question, I realize.



Full-size or Mini Ditka?

Ditka in all things even tenuously football-related, Batman in everything else.

Ever seen them together?

I didn’t think so.

Clearly, they’re one and the same.

1985 Ditka.

Full size Ditka, full-size, Roblin-less, prepared Batman.

…that there is no Wikipedia entry for “Ditka”?

I can remember a Saturday Night Live skit from the 80s about two Chicago sports football fans comparing various powerful entities against “Ditka” but I didn’t and still don’t really know who this guy is.

I’m gonna Google him now to find out, but I find it interesting that there’s no Wikipedia entry for a guy who’s apparently pretty legendary in sports, while there is one for someone like Bob Uecker who’s primarily famous for being lousy in sports.

Someone should write one and mention the SNL skit :slight_smile:


(it was close)

I was gonna respond to dis’ thread but I gotta piece of sausage caught in my artery…


Sorry, it’s cleared now.

I’d have’ta go wit… Ditka.


Ditka’s a chump.

No matter how prepared Batman might be, no one expects the call “Declare The Fridge eligible and hand-off up the middle”, this alone makes Ditka a mastermind greater than Moriarty, Q, and The Sicilian combined.


Da’ Bears.

Entries for Mike Ditka and Bill Swerski’s Superfans

I thought about. And I came to a decision. This match would be won by a little team with a lotta heart known as DA BEARSSSS.


Led by a man, a truly great man, a man too humble to admit he’s better than Batman, and Superman, and Spider-Man, and all them other guys who have to remind you they’s men, a man known as, Ditka.


Dis is where we see dat Ditka not only has a huge heart, but a huge mind. No baterang could possibly deflect the awesome and primal power of a Ditka inspired Fridge coming up da middle.

Da Bears!


Kyla, the moving trucks will be pulling up to your residence shortly. Do not attempt to dissuade them from loading your belongings, please. You are being moved to a nice, pleasant place, far from Chicago.


A huge part of Ditkas shtick was being an intimidating personality. Batman isn’t going to cowered by a fat guy yelling at him - no matter how red his face gets.

Normally I’d go with Batman. However, the Superfans once suggested a possible merging between the two greatest sports legends the Chicago area had ever known. If Mike Ditka merges with Michael Jordan, we get the unbeatable force known as…Jordka.

So, Batman vs. Jordka. Who wins?

Am I the only one who thinks “Prepared Batman” sounds like a dessert?