Who wins Survivor?

The finalists are Jeremy, Spencer, Tasha, Keith, Kimmi and Kelley. Which one will win all the marbles? I’ll take a snapshot of the poll’s action at 6:50 PM tonight (CST) – or as close to then as I can – and the results of the poll will be up as soon as we know the finalist. Any votes after 6:50 PM will be ignored.

Your vote will be identified as such. Not anonymous. Only for the brave.

For laughs only! :smiley:

I went with Wentworth.

IIRC, women have won most of the all star seasons

Amber won the first one
Sandra won Heroes vs Villains
Parvati won Fans vs Favorites

Cochran won the 2nd Fans vs Favorites

I am rooting for Spencer. He was scrambling so much pre-merge and almost was the 2nd one voted out.

I’m actually hoping Keith wins it! But I realize how slim his chances would be when the jury gets their votes. Jeremy’s HII should do the trick for him, although I do see Spencer running a close second. I was all for Tasha until she almost drowned and I think that will hurt her in the voting – if she makes it that far. Kelley has been fun to watch and she has a good chance to win it all.

But I went with Jeremy. I think the jury will, too.

Somebody’s predictions: http://www.buddytv.com/articles/survivor/survivor-cambodia-predictions-58332.aspx

Spencer, probably, but I’d also be happy to see Kelley win.

I hope Keith at least makes it to the finals (and given his challenge record, that’s likely), so we can hear his speech to the jury. I’m betting he forgets at least half their names.

I voted Spencer, but only because I think he’s most likely win ICs. It could easily be Jeremy or Kelly, but I don’t think the others have a chance.

Anybody brave enough to pick the order these six leave the game? Side bet not affecting the overall poll results. Just for laughs?

Who’ll go out first?

Who will be the Final Three?

Spencer, Kimme and Tasha.

I predict the first three out to be Kimmi, Tasha and Kelley (not necessarily in that precise order), leaving Keith, Jeremy and Spencer. And the jury will give it to Jeremy.

Why would anyone vote out Kimmie? She’s an easy loser to bring to the final.

Is it still a 2-hour final + 1-hour reunion like usual? Or did the whole moving it to Wednesday thing change it?

Somebody vote for Tasha, please! :slight_smile:

Ah! So hard to predict…so many possible permutations. Jeremy, Spencer, and Kelley would all make great winners, IMHO. Keith would be okay. Kimmie or Tasha would disappoint because Kimmie has been invisible and I just don’t like Tasha. (Although I will give her props for strategery and Kimmie seems nice so even if one of them wins I won’t be all mad about it.)

I personally *want *Spencer to win but I voted for Jeremy because my hunch is that is where the editing is leading. But Spencer has gotten a great edit, too, so I’m still holding out hope.

I think next season, assuming it’s a good one, I’m going to take the day after the finale off of work. I’m already exhausted because of being out late last night at a Christmas Party, but I can’t start watching the show until after nine tonight because I have to get my kids to bed first…and three damn hours makes for a very late night. But no way am I going to save it for tomorrow and risk getting spoiled during the work day!

Sigh. First world problems, right?

I voted for Spencer and hope that he wins. But I’m not ruling out Jeremy. I can’t stay up late to watch all 3 hours so I plan on watching the first hour and DVRing the rest. I’ll get up early and watch the rest with the added bonus of FF through commercials. Laura (Ciera’s mom) was going to have a finale party, but she decided to travel with Ciera.

Check out the pics that are posted on Ciera’s FB page. (her last name is Eastin).

OK, I’ll play the “predict the order game” (even though it’s clearly a losing bet). I’m going to spoiler it, not because I have any information but because it uses something shown in the preview, which some folks don’t like:

[spoiler]My guess is the first vote is the “never happened before” situation shown in the preview: a vote where all votes go to players who win idols. I’ll say Spencer/Jeremy/Tasha/Kimmi/Keith all vote Kelley and she votes Jeremy (it’s possible more votes go to Jeremy as well, not sure). I’m not 100% sure how that plays out, but I’m going to guess that those players plus whoever won immunity (let’s say Spencer) are immune from the re-vote and everybody else is up and everybody gets a vote. On the re-vote I’ll say Kimmy gets the ax (seen as too friendly, etc, and the Jeremy/Tasha/Spencer group aren’t willing to blow things up yet).

At final 5 I’m thinking Keith wins immunity. Jeremy/Tasha/Spencer stick together (with Keith) and vote out Kelley (too many friends on the jury). This would be a good time for Jeremy and Spencer to turn on each other, but for some reason I believe they both trust each other to take them to the end (I also think only one of them is right…).

At final 4, I’ll go with a Spencer immunity win, and Jeremy getting the clean boot.

Final 3 of Spencer, Keith, and Tasha. Spencer should be the clear winner here, which fits nicely with his “second chances” edit.[/spoiler]

I’ll take a flyer on Kelly. If Spencer loses one of the next three challenges, he’s gone. They’re going to “Joe” him. Jeremy uses his HII, but with his body type, he’s not going to win the last challenge. Then he’ll get voted out. Keifh will probably go too - he’s too good at challenges.

That leaves, Kimmi, Tasha, and Wentworth. I don’t think Tasha is much liked, and Kimmi is dead weight.

Kelly Wentworth wins!

In that final 5 scenario, Jeremy only plays his idol after Wentworth plays her idol

[spoiler]Hmm… I’m not sure I follow you. I’m guessing that they both play their idols at 6 (the next TC). Basically Jeremy/Spencer/Tasha/Keith (and maybe Kimmi) all decide to vote Kelley. They also get wind that she (and maybe Kimmi and/or Keith) is voting Jeremy (or Spencer). So once Kelley plays her idol Jeremy has to play his (I’m assuming here he would even play it for Spencer if he feels he has to - crazy, but he’s already done it once).

Maybe you are saying the same thing. If you’re saying you think the final-6 TC doesn’t have any idols (maybe Keith or somebody gets the boot) and then at 5 they both play their idols, that’s certainly possible too.

Again, this all hinges on the idea that the “never happened before” thing is a TC where all votes are canceled by idols.[/spoiler]