Who would you put in the Human Rat-Face Club?

Some people just remind me of rodents. I don’t have anything personal against these folks, but when I look at them, all I see is a human rat, who would be happier eating a piece of cheese than talking to the press.

My nominees for charter membership:

1: Mike Shanahan, coach of the Denver Broncos
2: Mike Krzyzewski, coach of the Duke Blue Devils

Any other nominations? (And their first name doesn’t have to be Mike.)

Steve Buscemi?

Our American President.

That nose! Those ears! :eek:

The lead singer of Dream Theater, whose name I can’t recall offhand.

Ari Fliesher is a mouse studying to be a rat.

Hey! Some of my best friends are rats! Sheesh!:mad:

Oh, okay, I’ll play too:rolleyes:

Armin Shimmerman

Nah. He looks more like a chihuahua, with those bug eyes. :eek:

:nod: And, that pinched up face, with those beady little eyes. Absolutely.

Pat Buchanan. Not his face, though, that would be shallow of me. His mind is rat-like.

David Patrick Kelly, to whom Ahnold said those famous words:

“You’re a funny guy, Sully. Dat’s why I think I kill you last.”

[Lorelai Gilmore]His face is too small for his head.[/Lorelai]

How could I forget???

Celine Dion!

Tom Petty.

Conan O’Brien. That guy really gets under my skin. It’s something about his voice, and the way he looks.

Frank Burns (Larry Linville)