Who would you rather date?

Overheard on the train:

Who would you rather date?

Evil Buffy or Good Buffy

Person on the train chose Evil Buffy because evil people are always better looking and more entertaining. Which I would agree with - remember evil alternate universe Willow :slight_smile:

But for a long term relationship wouldn’t the Good Buffy be the better choice?

All of this being purely theoretical of course because if given the chance I’d rather run off with Angel or Spike.

However in my confusion of dating Evil vs Good I bring the question to the SDMB.

personally I’d like to gouge buffy’s eyes out and stick them in her nostrils, but that’s a whole other story :stuck_out_tongue:

I like would you date movie buffy or tv buffy better. Give me movie buffy any day, now evil movie buffy could hurt me I’m sure but good god it would be worth it, besides we all know evil women lean more towards leather and latex.

I’m down with most any evil twin because they always have darker hair and are a bit more wild.

I don’t prefer blondes, so the evil twin thing is always nice. But I don’t know what the evil Buffy looks like.