Who ya gonna get jiggy with?

Ok, men…

Everyone has done the Gilligan’s Island “Ginger or Maryanne?” game.

It’s time for something different - Three’s Company

Only rule for this game is: You must base your choice on the character, not the actress.

[sub]Note: all actress & actor names are given for reference purposes only, in case you had forgotten who played who.[/sub]

Who would YOU choose to get jiggy with and why?
[li]Janet (played by Joyce DeWitt)[/li][li]Chrissy (played by Suzanne Somers)[/li][li]Terri (played by Priscilla Barnes)[/li][li]Cindy (played by Jenilee Harrison)[/li][/ul]

It’s a tough decision for me. If I was going for personality, I’d probably pick Terri. She seemed the sweetest and smartest. If I was going just for looks, I would probably take Janet, because I am a sucker for brunettes. :smiley: Chrissy and Cindy were just too “bimbo-ish” for my tastes. :o

Ladies, you can play too. Choose by character, not the actor.

[li]Jack (played by John Ritter)[/li][li]Larry (played by Richard Kline)[/li][li]Mr. Furley (played by Don Knotts)[/li][/ul]

If I had to pick a Three’s Company gal to woo, it’d be Terri for the reasons that you mentioned.

In reality though, I’d probably pick someone else altogether.

I’m really too old for this nonsense, but l’ll tell the truth for most of the guys. We’d like a threesome and we don’t care which two.

You can keep the roommates. I’m heading down to the Regal Beagle to hook up with Greedy Gretchen :slight_smile: