Who's prettier. Robin Meade vs Kimberly Guilfoyle

I know where we can get some Jello! :slight_smile:

Never heard of either. I guess Robin has a more natural prettiness.

Both average looks for today’s television.

Neither of those women are relevant to my interests, but I would say that Meade is objectively prettier.

Jello is for heathens. The best rasslin is covered in mud.

Another vote for:

  1. I’ve never heard of either of them;
  2. The links don’t work for me;
  3. When I Google Image searched them I had to double-check because they look nearly identical;
  4. They’re both lovely in a generic-TV-pretty way but I’m not seeing much of a basis for judging based on 3) above; and
  5. I must confess to being slightly uncomfortable about the whole “let’s rate women on their looks” thing going on here.

I mean, I’m not intending any of the above as a threadshit and I’m certainly not above having impure thoughts over people I see on my television but having an actual poll about it seems a little much to me.

Can we compromise on tapioca, or maybe butterscotch pudding?

Chocolate pudding. Looks like mud, tastes like chocolate.

Actually, forget the rasslin. I’m hungry now.

I don’t think that you should sleep with, date, or have a relationship with either of them. Just say ‘No’.

You’re Welcome. :stuck_out_tongue:

If I just go by the links, the first one is prettier. Guilfoyle looks like she’s had plastic surgery that didn’t go too well.

If I go by Google Image search, it’s much harder to tell. Neither is particularly hot–just normal looking for TV. Meade looks basically the same in all pics, while Guilfoyle has pictures that make her look bad, and others that make her look more attractive than Meade.

My best guess is that Guilfoyle used to be hotter, but has gotten less so as she aged (particularly her face shape), while Meade has stayed the same. Alternatively, those older pics that look good are all model pics with a bunch of Photoshop, and Meade has always been more attractive.

My vote is for kayaker and LiveFree in the pudding. Go!

Mmmmm, pudding.