Who's prettier. Robin Meade vs Kimberly Guilfoyle

Personally, I think that Robin Meade is MUCH prettier than Guilfoyle. Not even close.

Sorry, I don’t see where to manage attachments for the pictures to show up right here.

Robin Meade

Kimberly Guilfoyle

That’s a really bad picture of Guilfoyle. But my vote is still for Robin (who I’ve met, BTW. Nice person and a heck of a singer!)

You’re going to decide who’s prettier based on votes??

Seriously, WTF?

Put them in the octagon. No holds barred. We’ll find out who’s prettier.

I can’t view those links at work so I googled them and they look like the same person to me. Are they twins or have some other connection to one another?

“Pretty” has many dimensions. Robin is prettier in a cute, wholesome sort of way. Kimberly is prettier in a nasty, down-and-dirty kind of way.

Did you read my post??? “Seriously, WTF” back at you. I already said Robin was prettier.

I was just asking the question.

This is going well.

This is exactly my answer including being blocked at work for possible adult content.

Thanks OP.

Who? Are these people important in some way?

I don’t know what HLN is and I don’t watch Fox news so I’m not familiar with these people.

I’ve never heard of either of them. Looking at the samples in the OP I doubt I will again. Both are pretty in a TV pretty way but nothing out of the norm for the medium.

You should post pictures where both women are smiling. just a thought.

HLN is the beast formerly known as CNN Headline News; I stopped watching it years ago, when it became the Nancy Grace Channel. Robin Meade hosts their morning show, and the only reason I know that is that I occasionally see her (and her show) when at the airport.

Wait. They’re not the same person?

For me it’s Robin Meade hands down, she’s my beautiful news angel.

Kimberly Guilfoyle looks like she’s had some bad plastic surgery.

Robin Meade used to be on the news in Chicago, and I remember thinking:“Golly jeepers that girl is pretty!” I don’t know who the other one is, and as has been mentioned, that ain’t the most flattering picture. So I didn’t vote.

i keep waking up to Robin Meade in my hotel room.

Guilfoyle is a phony conservative who traded her values fpr a paycheck. Npt that there’s anything wrong with that. She pretends to be a Fox News conservative, but was married to Gavin Newson, then Mayor of San Francisco and likely the next Governor of California.

Add me to the list of those who have no idea who these two are. I don’t find either particularly attractive but between the two I would have to pick Kimberly Guilfoyle. She looks a little evil and I like a little evil now and then.

You requested my humble opinion. I wanna see them rassle.