Who's seen Key & Peele's new movie "Keanu"?

Loved it. What did you think?

(One odd impression: the pre-show trailers were all over the place, from “Nice Guys” and “Popstar” to “The Conjuring 2” to Tyler Perry’s “Madea: Happy Halloween”. Not the new “Ghostbusters”, which you’d think would be a natural for the action-movie-spoof genre. My guess is the distributors are still trying to figure out who the audience for “Keanu” is.)

I haven’t yet but I plan to.

Saw it tonight. That kitten is ridiculously adorable. He stole every scene he was in.

The rest of the movie was okay–not bad, had some funny moments, but at about the midpoint the spouse and I looked at each other and both of us whispered in unison: “Needs more cat.” It had too long of a stretch in the middle third where Keanu was nowhere to be seen, and it suffered from it, IMO.

Favorite parts (other than the kitten):

The strip club named “HPV” (“that’s…unfortunate.”)

“Wordness to the turdness.”

The fact that everybody, without exception, instantly fell in love with Keanu. Never once was he even remotely depicted as being in danger. He was like a little Tony Curtis in “The Great Race,” walking through the middle of all the carnage without a care in the world.

The drug hallucination scene where little Keanu spoke…in Keanu Reeves’s voice.

Did I mention that Keanu was adorable, especially in his little do-rag and kitten-sized bling?

Also, I realized on the way home that this is quite literally a “Save the Cat” movie. I wonder if they did that on purpose?

I didn’t even know this movie existed.

Despite being a big K&P fan, I had no idea it existed either until I saw it in the listings for my local theater and said “WTF is Keanu?” Then I looked at the synopsis, saw Key and Peele were in it, saw that it got decent reviews, and knew what I was doing that night. I am surprised that there seems to have been very little marketing, or maybe I just am not their target demo for it.

Anyway, I liked it a lot - really solid, straightforward action comedy. I even liked the cat, in spite of me being a dedicated dog person.

And Nia Long is a fox.

Kittens and foxes? Count me in!

The cat survives, right? I need to know.

Read my spoiler above in post #3 (Hint: I love cats. I enjoyed this movie.)

I thought it was funny and very cute. A good comedy, but not a great one.

It was pretty much exactly what I expected. I liked it a lot but didn’t love it.

Definitely needed more cat. Honestly, needed more beginning; a little more time spent setting up the idea that Keanu had turned Peele’s character’s life around could have paid off. That was such a damn cute kitten.

And, while it would have been much trickier to write, I would have loved if the gang members / dealers they were dealing with were more realistic and less Hollywood-y. I think there’d be something amazing watching Key and Peele trying to blend with characters pulled out of The Wire. There were bits here and there, but it was a little more cartoony most of the time.

The opening shootout and the later scenes with the brothers were ultimately a misfire; a lot of screentime spent on 'em with essentially no real payoff.

This movie also suffered from the modern problem of a too-revealing trailer. Many of the best gags and turns were spoiled in the trailer. I really wish I’d seen the movie without seeing the trailer.

All that being said, it’s funny, charming, and fairly unique. I didn’t feel like I’d “seen it before,” and that’s pretty high praise these days.

Oh, and the Ana Faris scene was absolutely delightful.

My wife and I saw it Friday, not having seen the trailer and not having any awareness of anything other than the name and a synopsis on IMDB. She was unfamiliar with Key and Peele as well.

We loved it! There were several lines that totally destroyed me.

Key and Peele did some local promotion stuff filmed at our shelter in Chicago. They’re cool guys and spent more time than I expected filming and doing some voice over stuff.

I haven’t seen the movie, because I’m not a fan of live action animal-centric movies, due to the sometimes enormous uptick in breeding/selling/demand for whatever animal “starred” in the movie, with the 6-month later consequence of same animals getting dumped in the streets and shelters.

If/when I don’t hear about upticks in sales/breeding of kittens due to popularity of the movie, maybe I’ll watch it. But Key and Peele get tons of kudos from me for promoting local shelters.

Come on. Keanu is as boring a domestic shorthaired tabby as you can get. The cats they got to play the character are cute and all, but all kittens are cute. It’s not like the cats were some exotic breed.

I liked their show, but burned out on it. I don’t do movies (live in BFE) and doubt I’ll see it.

I’m pissed at Peele. He stole Chelsea Peretti from me.

Why would he have to be an exotic breed to be adorable? Yes, he’s a shorthaired tabby. But if you GIS “tabby kitten,” you’ll see a whole range of them. Most of them are cute, but some have that extra “something” that make them even cuter. It’s a combination of personality, looks, and attitude. Keanu (or at least the versions of him they used for close-ups, since there were seven kittens in total) had all of those.

Totally agree, but I think asterion’s point (insofar as I know what s/he is thinking and can speak for him/her, which I don’t and can’t) was just that since the movie’s tabby kitten(s) didn’t have any distinctive breed characteristics, SeaDragonTattoo probably doesn’t have to worry about the film turning them into some kind of transient exploitative pet fad.

I mean, everybody already loves generic adorable kittens (which was kind of the chief point of the movie anyway). People who aren’t rushing out to adopt tabby kittens based on the perpetual deluge of internet lolcats aren’t likely to do so just because they saw one in Keanu.

Besides, the end of the movie deliberately established that

Keanu has some kind of movie-plot-device pathological condition that will keep him an adorable kitten forever, which of course will not be the case with real-life kittens. That’s a little poke from the reality stick for any viewers who might start feeling tempted to get a kitten even though they don’t really want a cat.

I agree.

Oddly enough, I had a friend who had a dachshund with a “permanent puppy” condition. She grew bigger than a normal puppy but had slightly puppy-ish proportions and never grew a normal coat – just soft puppy fur.

Loved this, yes! I’m glad I didn’t see a trailer or read reviews before I saw the movie.

Casting trivia: After the movie was over my husband pointed out to me that the fearsome Dresden Brothers, Smoke and Oil, were also played by Key and Peele.

Well yeah, i think it was fairly obvious. I loved this, haven’t laughed this hard since Deadpool.

Ah, I’m a doofus. It never occurred to me that the brothers were Key & Peele. I heartily agree with your second sentence. The only thing that’s come close to Deadpool and Keanu recently is Elvis & Nixon, which was utterly delightful & funny to me.