Who's still playing City of Villains/Heroes?

I’ve been completely taken in by this game. I have my characters on the Victory server, is the SDMB super-group still active on Virtue or Protector?

I’ve only installed CoV; I’m not ready for the hero side yet.

Don’t you just love it when a member of the team runs ahead and aggros everything at once? It seems many of the players I see subscribe to the “if you can’t do it in 10 minutes it’s boring” mindset.

Is the group active enough to join in?

Still playing, but not part of CECIL. The global channel’s still there, though.

I play a bit…not nearly as compulsively as I did EQ or EQ2. Sometimes I go for a week or longer between gaming sessions. Highest level toon in a 28 AR/DEV blaster, also have a 27 INV/SS Tanker, and various lower alts. Actually posted a thread here a week or two ago about possibly starting a new SG for dopers, but the thread died a miserable death, lonely and unloved :frowning:

I found CoH too tough for someone who likes to solo more than working in a party. That’s why I play WoW now. :slight_smile:

:eek: :eek: :eek: :confused: :confused: :o :o

CoH too tough to solo? Yikes. Good thing you never tried EQ then. I see CoX as a soloer’s dream. Pretty much every archetype can solo, and you can get instanced missions so you rarely have to worry about griefers KSing. With no real loot, no ninja issues either.

I enjoy the game, but it’s really like MMORG-lite compared to more demanding games–which may be one reason I don’t play it as compulsively as I played others. I was really looking forward to Vanguard, but then something went screwy and Microsoft pulled out, opening the door for SOE to get their grubby paws on it. I’m pretty bitter about SOE, so I may not even try Vanguard when it gets released now :frowning:

I only got it last Christmas, so I’m not bored with it yet; I have a bunch of alts on every server.

I guess I just found that once you reach a certain level, all your quests lead you to places with 56,194 bad guys all standing in a bunch. So to aggro one, you aggro them all. And if you’re all by your lonesome, you get the snot beaten out of you pretty soundly.

I enjoyed EQ and EQ2 very much, and was able to solo relatively easily. I also enjoyed Asheron’s Call for the same reason. But by far the best of them all is WoW.

I’ve gotten more involved in non-gaming stuff but I still play off & on. I just tripled my ram (512M up to 1.5G) to cut down on lag in CoV.

Aggro rules were changed a while back, you now aggro only a maximum of ~15 at a time. The trick to aggroing the least number possible is to first pick off ones that none of their friends are looking at.

We’re still around but I’m not seeing the CECIL global channel as active as it used to be. I have some lowbie Villains on Protector (and Virtue, where I went before I learned CECILians went to Protector) if you ever want to team up.