CoH: Is the SDMB SG still working?

Just got into the world of CoH, and boy is it addictive. It would be a whole lot better with a real SG experience, though, and I remember the SD having an SG up sometime back, but there haven’t been many CoH threads on the dope for a while now… so, is it still alive?

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Always LFT! :smiley:

Absolutely. The CECIL global channel is our means of mass communication.

I just got back into the game (I played in Beta and for several months afterwards).

Is the place always that dead? When I last played, you could always find teams fighting lake monsters in Perez Park or hunting mobs in Boomtown. Or even herds of folk hanging around looking for taskforces.

It is tough to find a group now.

Depends on the server and time of day - right now, the live CoH server is competing with the Issue 5 on Test, as well as the City of Villains beta test.

The server/website is down now! Mayhaps the patch is going live?

Blastrollers snif Domination, I’ll miss you! :frowning:

My new nominee for the “I haven’t the faintest idea what the OP is talking about” award… :confused:


Patch shouldn’t go live till next week.

The OP is referring to the unofficial ‘Super-team’, CECIL, consisting of members of this board who play on the City of Heroes online RPG.

Absolutely. Most of the action takes place on the Virtue server with a smattering of people on Justice. Just sign up on the Global Chat channel CECIL. There’re usually several people online who would be happy to team with you.

How does the Global chat channel work?

Do I simply type /cecil and then my message?

Issue 5 goes live next week? Damn, that seems early. Wasn’t I4 just released?

Wel, at least my character has almost no changes made to her. :smiley:

I am not adept in the ways of CoH chat, but what I do is to give the CECIL channel its own tab - you can ‘Join Channel’ in the ‘Add Tab’ dialog - and then select the little ‘A’ button in the row of tiny buttons about the text-entry area. The ‘A’ button means whatever you type goes to your active tab - if you want to send to CECIL, then, just select the CECIL tab.

If you go to the Cecil page, you can see the roster. Also, the message board has tips for getting the Cecil global chat working.

As for the SG, most people are playing alts these days, which aren’t in the SG. However, they’re still on Global Chat.

Right click in your Chat Box.
Select “Add Channel”
Type in “CECIL” (No quotes, all caps)

Now you’re a member of the Cecil channel.

You’ll have to either edit a tab or add a new tab to see the dialog in the channel.

To talk in the channel, you right click in the Chat Box, and select CECIL.

What server are you on? Freedom is always the most populated, followed by Justice and Virtue.


Today’s been drop dead annoying. Haven’t had a single good team at all, with the exception of Licentious Ectomorph waves.

Good grief! Met a tank that “herded” everything onto the squishies, a team with absolutely no damage, the list goes on. And I have to kill 26 tsoo with my MC troller, and noone will help me. :frowning:

I should finally get some more CoH time tomorrow…

Odd that you can’t find people. Maybe you’re just playing at a time when everyone else is on the test server or the CoV beta?

I can help if you’re on Virtue or Champion.

I’ll give you a hand. Just look for Maus Magill on the CECIL channel. I’m sneaky that way.