CoX Players: Any interest in starting over?

I’ve seen other CoX threads here in the past, and I’d assume there is probably a SG and/or VG in existence. That’s all well and good, but I really hate to join an established group as a relative newbie. What I’d like to do is start fresh, with everybody rolling new toons and joining the SG/VG. My preference is to play hero side, but it’s not a strong preference. I don’t really care what server is to be used. My current heroes are all on Liberty, and I have a couple of villians on Champion. Since this would be all new toons anyway, any server will do.

I’m thinking a really casual group–no mandatory play times or anything like that. Team up with others if you like, or solo if so inclined. The SG chat would make good company even for the most independent of soloer. Play any AT/powerset combo you want. Maybe run a regular group weekly for those that wish to join. This would not necessarily affect your membership/participation in other groups, and may or may not ever reach the “uberbase” level. Mostly just an interesting diversion.

If you are interested, issues to be decided include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. Hero or Villian?

  2. Server?

  3. Whether to accept at least one toon of high enough level to found the SG immediately, or just hangout together until somebody reaches the appropriate level–which I think is 10 or 12.

3)a) I actually have a SG on Liberty that could be adapted for this purpose, as it has only three members, 2 of which are my alts, 26 tank and 28 Blaster—and I could always start another alt to meet the “new character” concept.

3)b) Hi Opal

  1. When to start, if ever.

  2. What to name the group, if we don’t use the one I already have…

We of the CECIL SG (Virtue) have plenty of low-level alts around, not necessarily on Virtue.

I think your expectations for a SG (or VG, for that matter) are pretty different from mine. My characters are in CECIL (the SDMB supergroup on Virtue) or Urban Legends (the SDMB villaingroup on Protector) so I have people to team up with and/or chat with on occasion. That’s about it. If I log in and there are people in my SG or the #CECIL chat channel, I know they’re capable of carrying on a real conversation and probably won’t get me killed when teaming. Apart from that, we don’t have much in the way of expectations.

Join the #CECIL global chat channel and somebody will have characters (I hate the term “toon”, by the way) at a compatible level, or will SK you (or Exemplar down) to join in the fun.

My handle is @Brainiac4, by the way. See you in Paragon City!