Who's that guy next to Whoopi?

In those T Mobil Google phone commercials, who is the tall white haired guy next to Whoopi Goldberg? I know her, and the guy at the end, but I still can’t figure out who the dude in the middle is. It’s really bugging me.

The Coach! Phil Jackson.

But who’s the guy with the tats?

Pretty sure he’s one of those Orange County motorcycle guys.

Correct me if I’m wrong. I’m not sure on that.

But if the dude is Phil Jackson, why is “his” unique phone showing some scenic waterscape? Doesn’t make sense to me.

Right. It’s Jesse James, Sandra Bullock’s husband.

'Cause he’s the “Zen Master”, I assume.

I’m so glad someone started this.

I know Whoopi. I know Jesse.

I guess I still don’t understand WHO Phil Jackson is, but at least I know his name.

Ferret, you can still tell folks what ain’t from Chicago, can’t you? Or LA.

I’ve lived in LA for 5 years and had never heard of the guy until this thread. But then, since he’s a sports figure that isn’t a shock to me.

Back when he coached the Chicago Bulls - when they were The Chicago Bulls, in Michael Jordan’s golden years - you couldn’t avoid knowing who he was if you lived here in Chicago. Even if you actively avoided sports, you’d know.

Had heard the name, but had no idea who he was. Sounds like a cool dude. As is Jesse James, who was also on Season II of “Celebrity Apprentice” and infuriated The Donald by refusing to cash in on his wife to win.

And Serenata, thanks for starting the thread – I’ve thought “I should ask at the Dope who that is” every single honkin’ time I’ve seen that ad, but always forgot by the time I’d turn on the computer.

See, basketball and hockey are really the only major sports I don’t follow, plus, I was still in middle school when Jordan was at his height.

This thread echoes the conversation at Casa Silenus when we first saw this ad:

Wife: “Who is the guy next to Whoopi?”

Me (amazed): “That’s Phil Jackson, you philistine. Who is the guy on the end?”

Wife: “That’s Jesse James, you moron.” :smiley:


The tragedy is that we all know who Whoopi is.

Thank you!!! This exact question has been driving me crazy. And yeah, it’s pretty bad that we all know Whoopi. Who are the figures on Jesse’s phone?

I actively watched the NBA back then, and I didn’t recognize him in that commercial. I don’t recognize him out of a suit, I guess, and his nature scene bit made me assume it was a famous documentarian (oxymoron?) or something.

Jesse James is not with Orange County Choppers. He runs West Coast Choppers, based in Long Beach, CA.

The O.C.C. guys are the Teutels, Paul and his sons, Paul Jr. and Mike. They’re from Newburgh, in Orange County, NY.

The trouble is he’s old! I’d’ve recognized him if he still looked like this:


She’s the center square.

I’m ashamed to know that, to tell the truth.

That’s funny because I didn’t recognize Jessie James in the ad either. I’ve seen enough of Apprentice that I shoulda known.

This is very true. There is no bigger sports NON fan in Chicago than me, and even I knew Phil Jackson. Never heard of the other guy, though.