Who's the bloke on the main Google page today? Some famous film-maker?

Is it some director’s birthday/anniversary?

I was puzzled by your post, since I see only the plain Google logo, until I saw your location. It’s not tomorrow yet over here. :slight_smile:

Akira Kurosawa. I didn’t recognize him either, but there’s a tool tip when you roll the mouse over it, and the image is named kurosawa10-hp.jpg.

Not shown on the google.com, BTW. I took it you were using google.com.au.

Akira Kurosawa,

He made Seven Samuri, Ran, Yojimbo and a lot of others.
If you click on the special google images there is usually a link to a google search of whatever they are commemorating.

Thanks for the tip. Yes, it says “100th birthday of Akira Kurosawa”.

google.com defaults to google.com.au anyway

You can click on the image and google will automatically return a search on what the image represents.

I usually just mouse-over for the pop-up.

Perhaps not so much famous as influential (which counts for a lot in that line of work, I’d say)

They don’t have the Kurosawa logo at their site yet, but the various personalized Google logos can be seen here:

How do you “force” google.com to go to the main US page? For example, we see that for Cunctator it automatically redirects to Australia. In my case, it automatically redirects to the French language Google (which doesn’t seem to show the Kurosawa logo) since my OS is set with French as the primary language.

Jeez, no link until we get to the 9th post. How can you expect us to know what you’re talking about without providing a link to the site in question?


Thanks for the thread. I was wondering too. I had to use the Australian Google for the first time and I didn’t want to look dense by asking who he was.

Interestingly enough, in the US we are being treated to the standard Google logo, so I’m wondering why they changed it in Aus, but not here.

Odd…it was on my Google page (UK) a little while ago. Now it’s gone.

kbear: did the Kurosawa logo go away around midnight UK time? That would not be odd. Akira Kurosawa’s birthday is 23 March.

nope, it’s only 11pm here. Last time I remember seeing it was about 8pm

When did the UK switch to daylight savings time? In the USA we switched 8 days ago and Switzerland didn’t change at the same time. So instead of 9 hours difference (California-Switzerloand) we had 8 hours difference. Maybe Google is doing something wrong with time zones?

It hasn’t. Europe goes onto DST on the last Sunday in March (i.e. 28 March).

At the moment the difference (California-Switzerland) is 8 hours. The difference (California-UK) is 7 hours. There’s an hour difference between the UK and Switzerland.

There are a string of links under the search options: