Who's The Oldest Doper?

I have to believe this has been asked before, but perhaps not recently.

I’m 39, so I doubt it’s me.

It used to be David Simmons but he has recently died and would guess it’s currently KlondikeGeoff if he’s still around. I’ve not run across any of his posts recently.

It has.

Geoff posted today.

I was born in 1930, any one older than this?


I felt much older this morning. But I’m not. Bourbon.

I believe KlondikeGeoff has a few years on you.

I feel like a whippersnapper at age 61.

64, but it’s all in your head.

Wow! Lot of maturity here (56.85 checking in).

Maturity is not an attribute that is often associated with my username. :stuck_out_tongue:

Middle-aged 26yr old here.

My age is indeterminate.

Geoff is 81.

I’m 53. In a couple of months I will be the same age as the year I was born. (-1900, of course)

Hmm, considering everything, perhaps there should be a sticky where I can post every day to keep claiming the title as the Oldest Doper Geezer, thus assuring everybody that I’m still on the right side of the sod. :smiley:

In any case, I weathered the surgery OK and feeling less pain all the time. Besides walking, am doing leg exercises while laying in bed, which is one good way to get exercise, eh?

Sorry to learn that David Simmons has left us. And to answer another post here, I was born in August 1927, during the presidency of Calvin Coolidge. When we used to marvel at some of the oddities of my father, we kept it in perspective by recalling that he was born during the reign of Queen Victoria, and he made it to 88. Think of the changes in his lifetime.

To sign off in a good mood, I like this one:

Subject: Hail to the Queen!

Queen: How dare you hail when I’m reigning?


Good for you, I hope you are able to be a doper for many more years.

My husband is 82 he will be 83 in July. He is now remodeling our barn, Last year he put on a metal roof and remodeled my daughter’s home.


So, he’s slowing down a bit, is he? :smiley:

It is funny you asking that because he constantly complains that he can’t get as much done in a day as he did when he was much younger.:smiley: