Whose Line is it Anyway--the fat guy, the tall guy, the bald guy or the black guy?

Inspired by this thread started beford we had pollls.

What, no option for “yes please”?

Oh very well, I choose Ryan. It’s the shoes.

I’m assuming Ryan Sykes is a typo, and not the bastard love child of Ryan Stiles and Wanda Sykes. Either way, he got my vote.

Fixed the typo, but decided against punitive measures for messing up the last name of my favorite. :mad:

Whoops! Thanks to twickster for fixing it gratis. And apparently Stiles is a lot of people’s favorite

Where is the black guy in this poll?
Had a hard time choosing between Ryan and Colin,decided on Colin.

Can I pick Josie Lawrence?

Does Wayne Brady have to choke a white bitch?

Does Wayne Brady have to choke a bitch?

Dang, Annie was just a little bit faster…

Whats the question?

Who is the funniest? Colin Mochrie would be my choice.
Who is the most attractive? don’t know, don’t care.
Most endowed? don’t know, really don’t care.

Oh god, no.

Greg Proops.

Brad Sherwood?

Drew is a choice and Michael McShane isn’t? :slight_smile:

No Chip? No Josie?

And no Richard Simmons?


Re: Richard Simmons–the appropriate smiley is :o

This one’s wet!!

I picked Colin buy really anything that Colin and Ryan did together was the funniest. Especially when they would do the QVC thing and try to sell ridiculous products.

Colin: “Shop! Shop! Shop!. Shop! Shop! Shop!.”

Colin, who was a certifiable comedy genius, although he was always at his best working with Ryan.

Ryan’s Carol Channing impersonation always had me in stiches. I still remember when he played her as an astronaut, reacting to the lunar surface: “Why, it’s just as dry and barren as I am!”

Robin Williams was also a memorable guest.

Og, I loved that show.

I’d prefer to cast my vote for Chip – or as I like to call him, the white black guy.

Chip is clever, his humor is relatively clean, and as far as musical talent is concerned, he can give the black guy a run for his money.

I also think that the blonde gal is cute.

Please, no one vote for John Sessions. I couldn’t stand that guy.