Why am I unable to download driver, Mozilla, etc...

It started when I was trying to download some driver files for the secondary PC at the home here. It is not connected to the net.

So, I`m at the primary machine and I go to HP.COM to get some drivers and when I click on the “download” icon for the (any) appropriate driver, the download dialog box opens and the progress bar starts progressing for about 1 second and then it stops moving. The paper keeps flying through the air, but all other activity seems to stop.
WIN 98, it is.

I ran adaware, closed all other startup programs, cleared out the cookies, and on/offline IE cache, deleted unecessary files via the harddrive utilities window, restarted. Twice.

Then I tried similar downloading/saving with Netscape and it didn`t work either - same problems. Tried to download/save Mozilla, but got the same non-activity.

I was able to download some stuff directly from the vendor site (3com) but not HP.com or Mozilla so far. So, I can download/save some things, just not the ones I really need.
It has worked a thousand times before.

What causes or controls this sort of activity or lack thereof?

I can obviously download DSMB pages…

That should be the SDMB pages.

I`ve got it to work.

I disconnected the PC from the HUB and went straight into the cable modem. I also disabled ZoneAlarm. I tried the ZA thing before to no avail.

Looks like its the HUB.?? Its a 3com tpc 8 port Hub.