Why are my nipples so sensive lately?

I am a male and I have found that my nipples have started to become hard, senitive, and irritated . I hope you all can take this serious because it is very strange and not very enjoyable. I also find that they get extremely itchy at times also. This happens throughout the day, different levels of hardness and irritation.
If anyone can give me ideas of why this would happen I would be greatly appreciated.

Suggestion: Doctor’s office.

I don’t think it is that serious that I would need to go to to see a doctor.

Have you changed laundry detergent/fabric softener lately? You might try an unscented type. You could also look at the soap you use; it could be irritating your skin.

Have you been eating lots of tofu or other foods high in phytoestrogens? Or eating any woman who uses estrogen rich vaginal lubricant? Ingesting female hormones could do it. So could prostate cancers or adrenal tumors.

If it continues, you can get your hormone levels checked. Nipple sensitivity can be related to estrogen levels. I believe it qualifies as a secondary sexual characteristic, but I’m not a doctor, standard disclaimer, etc, etc, etc.

you are growing up boy.

I’m with robinh. It really sounds like an allergy and your detergent or fabric softener would be the most likely culprit.

So which is it: sensive or senitive?
The responses so far have been reasonable, but we really can’t diagnose you from here.