Why are sluts so hated and reviled by other women?

Seems the most harm (if any) so called sluts do is to themselves. Why are “easy girls” so hated and reviled by other women?

Because they up the ante in the competition for men. There are many men out there for whom getting sex is the primary motivation for pursuing a woman romantically. Because some men will lose interest in a woman after bedding her if she has nothing else to offer, some women will hold out on giving that, hoping the man will stick around and keep trying until she feels satisfied that he is one she wants to try and keep, and that he is attached enough to her he’ll stick around. Sex is the currency they use to buy love, and they don’t want to see their primary commodity become devalued by supply outpacing demand.

This is not all women. I know plenty of women who don’t have this snobbish, hateful attitude towards women who have sex more freely. They are generally the ones with more self-esteem, and more willingness to actually communicate with men and be their friends. ‘Sluts’ are not threats to them.

Wow… Badtz Maru said everything. I have even seen adulterous women calling other women “easy” or “too forward”… go figure.

I think overall women are more conservative and machista then men as regards other women's behaviour.... quite shocked me. Still I am pretty ok. I think everyone should be able to do what they want with their bodies.... less hypocrisy would help people live better and quality sex lives.

I don’t hate them unless they are being manipulative. Mostly, I feel sorry for them, because promiscuity seems to go hand-in-hand so often with low self-esteem. A lot of people try to kid themselves that what they do with their bodies doesn’t impact them emotionally, which is rarely the case (aside fom the health risks).

I don’t care what any other woman does with her sexual parts.

Hmmm. Interesting question. I think Badtz Maru summed up why some women look down on “sluts.” But I would also add that many men seem to have no respect for women they see as sluts either. Some would very happily take what they can get from her, and then turn around and laugh about how “easy” she was with all their buddies.

Why are some men revered by other men for being male sluts? The classic double standard rears it’s ugly head.

I don’t hate sluts. One of my best friends is a slut. I enjoy listening to her slutty adventures.

Some of my best friends are sluts. The ones who slut around for the sake of slutting are fun and adventurous. The ones that do it thinking they’re going to snare a “keeper” just turn out sad and pathetic.

Yeah, what Kalhoun says.

I have a niece of 14. I do not care if she ages to become a 20 year old of few and carefully selected experiences or if she’s already tried out the equipment on every cute guy in the county, but I sure hope that she does what she wants do do for her own reason and not to be accepted by males or females, peer group or boyfriend or girlfriend or whatever.

I, for one, do not revere other men who are “male sluts”. I think it’s sad in some slightly indefinable way.

I wouldn’t call it a double standard. I have just as low respect for male sluts as I do for female sluts. But seeing as how I’m straight, I don’t really care as much about what other men do, and therefore it may seem that I have less respect for female sluts.

Yet another major generalization. I don’t care if someone else is a slut, that’s her business. And I certainly wouldn’t revile her based on that.

Umm… isn’t “male slut” redundant??

This may be a bit of a hijack from the OP, but there’s an interesting book recently published (just now in paperback) about the myth of the the slut. It examines how this stereotype comes into being, the effects it has on the girls who are–almost universally–unjusted labelled as the school slut, and lots of other interesting stuff. I forgot the title, but something like ‘Easy Girls’. It also treats how other girls (and women) feel about them, etc.

You see, I don’t understand what you mean by stereotypes. For most people, their definition of a slut is pretty cut and dry.

So unless some girl has lies being spread about her sleeping with dozens of guys, I really don’t see what the misunderstanding would be.

While most people would still define the word slut as a person who sleeps around, the usage of the word has become very slippery. Some people will describe a woman who dresses the slightest bit provocatively as a slut. I’ve heard women in bars call someone else a slut if she dares to look at or flirt with their man.

In those cases, it’s obviously jealousy and insecurity talking. But sometimes the word becomes a derogatory term for no good reason.

Umm… no. No more so than “male smoker.” Not all males are either.

I think the OP is begging the question- use of the term “slut” connotes disapproval.
And the male term is “satyr.”

“So unless some girl has lies being spread about her sleeping with dozens of guys, I really don’t see what the misunderstanding would be.”

There was a book out not too long ago on evil middle school girls and the rumors they start that just ruin other girls’ lives. This kind of thing can really be bad for a young girl. Once that rumor mill starts turning, they’re doomed.

Well, all the sluts I know are really rather pathetic. They like to pretend they’re just out to have a good time, and that it doesn’t matter that easy sex doesn’t automatically buy them love, but it really does. The sluts I know are really hoping that the guys they sleep with are going to fall in love with them and make them “whole,” “happy,” or “cool”–because these girls have very low self-esteem.

I can’t say that I hate them–but I do have contempt for many of them.

I suppose there might be real women out there who are “slutty” just because they enjoy it, and it’s no big deal, but I’ve never met one.

Tangentially related: I’ve always found it funny that the girls of “Sex and the City” are touted as the kind of women who like to screw “like men”, and yet they’re all totally neurotic and messed up. Miranda has low self-esteem with men, Samantha has a pathological hatred of even the idea of any long-term relationship, Charlotte is just screwing to find a husband and true love, and Carrie is self-centered and (generally) serially monogamous. To me, this depicts the truth about most women who are “slutty.”

'Course, the slutty men I’ve met are pretty fucked up too. :slight_smile: