Why are some people quiet pukers? And others loud pukers?

I have not puked that many times in my life, thank God, but when I had it was quiet. I’ve witnessed other quiet pukers also. But, good Lord, some people are extremely loud pukers. Loud enough to wake me out of sound sleep or hear them puking from another floor.

Is loud puking voluntary? Are some people’s bodies just more prone vocalizations while puking?

I am an extremely loud/violent puker. Comically so. It almost sounds like I’m angry/yelling at the toilet.

Ok, kind of gross topic, but

I think the vocalizations vary depending on what’s causing you to puke and how full your stomach is.

If you’ve got a full stomach of nachos and pizza, most people will probably puke (relatively) silently - your entire throat is filled with shit so you can’t vocalize

If you’re dry retching because the contents of your stomach are empty but your body is still attempting to vomit, then that will probably be loud regardless of the person.

I’m a 10 on the loud meter… just can’t help it. I never analyzed it too much, but I presumed that its because my diaphragm was somehow involved. My kids and wife are all a zero.

Beats me. I have never made a peep vomiting in any variety of situations (usually just fluid, since when I throw up it’s almost always from migraines or my period). I don’t even understand how people can yell while vomiting, really. For me at least it seems to paralyze my whole throat. Everything is focused on violent expulsion and I imagine it would feel quite different if I was making loud noises.

It may be equivalent to asking why some people don’t make a lot of noise while sneezing, while others practically scream out their sneezes. I’ve always thought that the habitual shriek-sneezers have some exhibitionist issues, but I’m more inclined to give folks a pass on their puking habits.

The act of vomiting seems to imply a lesser degree of control over ones’ productions.

Eh, I’ve always thought that both sneezing, puking, and sex noises volumes are all louder in attention-seekers. I don’t think they’re physiologically required to be noisier in these activities than everyone else, but on some level they want to be.

I can attest this is not so in everyone. My sneezes are extremely loud. They are also fairly sudden and violent. This seems to be family trait, as my father had it. I can sneeze so hard I actually blow out the blood vessels in my nose (although that doesn’t happen so much anymore).

I dont’ vomite especially loudly, however, and I can’t say about the sex.

I credit a regular regimen of sit-ups and crunches for the dynamic in my puking.

I don’t puke often, but when I do, it’s very loud, strenuous, and painful. My diaphragm, chest, and back are sore afterward. I am not an attention-seeker, though, quite the reverse.

I am NOT an attention-seeker and actually am uncomfortable with a lot of attention. But my sneezes and sometimes puking are both loud and violent. In public I hold back on my sneezes so they are quieter but I sacrifice real relief to not make a scene. At home though they are often loud and very hard sneezes (allergies). I also have a weak stomach and puke more than the average bear. Sometimes when I puke it’s quiet but when it comes to being really sick or having the dry heaves it sometimes isn’t. When I was a kid I used to yell while puking cause I was freaking out from being sick. Now unfortunately I’ve thrown up a lot and it doesn’t faze me unless it’s really bad. I actually try to be quiet puking unless I am calling out for assistance because puking is gross and I would rather do it in private.

Sneezing and vomiting are accompanied by air being expressed from the lungs because of the increased thoracic pressure. If an individual closes the glottal folds, vocalizations are produced; if they do not, the episode is much quieter.

This vocalization is voluntary; that is to say it is not an absolute physiologic accompaniment of the core reflex. It is, however, difficult to unlearn once an individual is habituated to vocalize. A little dry practice can help.

Do you also have it always, always come out your nose or am I just lucky?


A neti pot is the absolute best thing you can use after puking through your nose.

I learned that last year, but I really wish I had known it a decade earlier. From mid-1999 to the end of 2000 I puked pretty much every day, and it would sometimes fill my sinuses, and there wasn’t a whole lot I could do to alleviate it.

Good Lord! You poor thing!

[John Astin] But I’m feeling much better now. [/John Astin]

I certainly appreciate the sympathy. Surgery to fix an intestinal blockage, and remicade have done wonders for me.