why are they curly?

Ok, call me crazy or whatever, but I have been pondering this question for too long and I need a logical answer. Since this is where questions find answers I will ask. Why the hell are pubic hairs curly even if someone is genitically predisposed to have straight hair?? Makes no sense to me please help.

Jim has spoken

I would guess it has something to do with:

A) Short hair is generally curlier than long hair since it’s not as heavy
B) Pubic hair is usually constricted, so tends to curl instead of growing in a straight line (since your underwear is in the way)
C) It also tends to be more wiry, which better holds a curl

Just my WAGs

A documentary on either The Discovery or Learning channels a year or two ago speculated that the curly hairs tended to trap juices and hence scents better.

That doesn’t have a whole lot of relevance in these times of daily showering and Feminine Deodorant Spray, but back in the Cave Man days, it was helpful in detecting/attracting mates and passing along your little bundles of genes.

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Despite tradition, mine are neither short, nor curly.



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Because if they were straight they would poke you in the eyes!

The hair folicles in that region are for some reason shaped differently than in other places. Thus curly hair. That is why some people have curly hair on their head too.

No doubt GuanoLad then has curly hair on his head. Somebody apparently really believed that “Assembly is the reverse of disassembly.”

Ray (Now let’s get back to the right-hand rule. :wink: )

My girlfriend’s pubic hairs are straight and silky, not wiry or curly. I rather like it. Softer.

Jim_XIII, you mean why are yours curly? Who knows. It’s one of those questions that arent ever going to have a set answer.

Not everyone has curly pubic hair.

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dammit. I’d hoped to be the first to reply with that joke. :frowning:

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if they were straight they would get caught in your zipper.

You mean, if you put them in an uncurler, you can’t set them. . .straight, that is?

Certainly East Asian ones aren’t curly.

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Better shock absorption???

I actually know this!! I saw it on the Learning Channel–pubic hairs are flatter than regular hairs and curl because of that.

I think it has to do with ethnicity. my pubes arent curly

and how come they don’t grow long like your head hair? so you don’t have to go to the barber?

and the stars o’erhead were dancing heel to toe

The hair on my head is curly. If God was fair my pubes would be straight. Alas,I can only conclude that God is not fair, as my pubes are just as curly if not curlier than my head hair.

I thought I was wrong once, but I was mistaken.

Really! All this time I thought I was a freak. Well no more curling iron and plastic rolls at night for me. Fitting in can be such a pain!