Why is Pubic Hair curly?

Is it because it is crammed up in a tight space for so long?
or some other reason?

No, it grows that way; IIRC, curly hair is produced by follicles where the rate of deposition is greater on one side of the hair than on the other.

As to why… I don’t know - what is the function of pubic hair anyway? - if it’s to prevent chafing, then I can well imagine that a springy mat of curly hair would be more effective than a straight, neatly combed arrangement (curly hair is a better packing material).

Some Asian ladies (maybe guys too, but I wouldn’t know) have perfectly straight pubic hair. A delight to behold.

Isn’t it like underarm hair, supposed to trap human smell to attract a mate? A legacy thing from our ape days?

Because if it were straight, it would poke your eyes out.

Hrmm perhaps an explaination for the development of specialized eyelids among Asian populations??

Actually, the explanation here is quite simple. Think of Darwinian theories of evolution…

Pubic hair serves to guide a prospective mate to the object of genetic furtherance (be it penis or vagina). Curly pubic hair tends to confuse the less, um, bright among us… while those of us who are more erudite are not misdirected!:wink:

This results in a strengthening of the next generation, resulting in a more intelligent population!

Easy, really!:stuck_out_tongue:

Because if it was straight people would get confused about which end was up.

Pubies on the ladies helps to keep out the flies


It’s not only Asians who have straight pubic hair.

blushes, looks nonchalant

I once knew a guy whose pubes were not only straight, but so incredibly black they were almost blue, like when you dye your hair blue-black. :eek:

In any case, I like a full bush on my men. :smiley:

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but it’s not just curly… but coarse…
it’s not like curly hair on your head…

there’s little mistaking pubes with hair on your head… unless you got pubes on your head…

And while we’re conjuring disturbing mental images, let me add that it apparently gets gray as you age…

get out!

can someone verify this? hahaha…

Also tries to look nonchalant and fails. It doesn’t make sense, though, the hair on my head is fairly curly…

Yah, ditto elfkin

I heard the function of pubic hair was to reduce friction of that area during intercourse. Though, I wouldn’t have any personal experience to back this up

You ever tried brushing it aside first before sticking your face in? Then it wouldn’t matter if it was straight or curly or had barbs.

Just shave it and not worry about it. …though I do like the ‘Asian Straight’.