Is it a myth that people can have straight pubic hair?

A girl at work told me that some people have straight pubic hair. Does this ever occur, by the resurgence of a recessed gene, etc.?

Mine is pretty straight. I’ve seen perfectly straight. So no, it’s not a myth, but I don’t know about the genetics of it.

I am not a genetic scientist, but yes, some people have straight pubic hair.

Guess you haven’t been around Asians much. Some have very straight pubes. So I guess you can’t use the phrase “short and curlies” much out in the part of the world.

My wife has straight pubes. Sure seems to make trimming easier. :slight_smile:


I’ve seen straight pubes on females but in all my locker room showers - no men’s. Higher incidence in women?

Nailed this one. Mine are straight…my wife still marvels at them.
…only thing is, yeah…they’ll poke you in the eye.

Ditto on both counts, although I was usually situated to more likely notice with one more than the other :rolleyes:

Gee, if they became fashionable, imagine using lye-based relaxers on that part of the body.