My pubic hair ain't curly any more!

Been shaving the pubes for some time (in order for the tattoos to show up better - but that’s another story), but gave up shaving a couple of months ago. It’s grown back, of course, but -

The regrowth is not the familiar twisty, tightly sprung, black wires but a soft baby-like salt-and-pepper growth.

Quite straight.

I’ve been curly there since I was thirteen. I’m puzzled, uncertain whether or not I’m pleased, but entirely confident that there would be few more mundane and pointless items on the boards than this.

So, I’m sharing.
My grandpa used to reckon
Once you got to eighty-four
Yer pubic hairs ain’t curly any more.

He said some things get shrivelled
And they don’t work like before,
And yer pubic hairs ain’t curly any more.

Oh my pubic hairs ain’t curly any more!
Yes my pubic hairs ain’t curly any more!
My twilight years are fadin’
I’m nearly at death’s door
And my pubic hairs ain’t curly any more.

Ok, my pubic hair has never been curly. It’s always been more straight than anything, maybe with a slight wave (if I’ve let it get long enough). I’ve always wondered, because for most of the pubic hair I’ve been in contact with otherwise, it’s been pretty much the same–only a few have been curly, but for the most part, it’s rather straight.
Heh. Maybe it’s just luck.

You could perm or crimp it?

Or plait it very tightly when it’s wet, so it frizzes when it’s dry?

Or just enjoy the sleek look…

Can we post photos perhaps?

Or braid it. :rolleyes:
Or make pigtails. :smiley:
Or dreadlocks. :eek:
Or this ;j


Probably not, but you could e-mail them… :wink:


Cripes, I’m just getting used to looking at the distinguished gray in my beard and now I find out that I have to look forward to having distinguishing pubes too! Guess I thought it’d always stay black.

There are differences between male and female pubic hair follicles, if I remember correctly - but I don’t remember which is more inclined to be curly :wink: I’m too lazy to look it up, but thought I’d throw it out there.

Mine? Straightish unless I had a bath - it’s been a while since i’ve see it though. :o