Why Aren't You Watching the Superbowl?

Well obviously the SDMB is more exciting than a football game. Or maybe you’ve got a computer and a TV in the same room. Either way, if you’re reading this you’re at least sacrificing some of your Super Bowl time. Why?

I consider myself an avid, dedicated non-watcher of sports. I have never really cared for televised sports and feel no need to fall in line and watch it…except maybe for the commercials. Of course, since it’s on, I have seen a little bit…

…well, I don’t bowl.

What’s a Superbowl?

I’m watching the Superbowl (well, it’s halftime now), listening to the jukebox, drinking a beer and connecting to the interweb via the bar’s wifi. Oh, and emailing my girlfriend on my Palm Wireless.

Right now, Mark Andreeson is thinking, “wow, that guy’s really a geek – I got nuthin’.” Of course, he’s also thinking, “But I’m stinkin’ rich, so there’s that.”

Because I don’t really care about it. I’d rather read all about digital libraries, thanks.

'cause I’m watching my Looney Tunes Golden Collection :smiley:

The only football game on telvison here (Germany) right now is the lingerie bowl. I can’t say I miss the Superbowl.

Because I have better things to do than spend five hours watching a one hour game in spurts of three seconds.

Also, football is really, really, really fucking stupid.

Because, um, I don’t care who wins badly enough to watch it happen. I’m sure over the next week I’ll be hearing about “Triumphant Superbowl XXXVIII team Blah Blah Blah gets congratulated by Dubya” and “Losing Superbowl Coach Blah Blah Gets Head Chopped Off, Film At Eleven.”

It’s just not urgent that I’m there. The game will happen without me if necessary. :slight_smile:

Because I have absolutely no interest in it.

Well, because watching men encased in plastic armor beating the crap out of each other in an arena full of howling maniacs has never struck me as especially compelling entertainment.

It might be more interesting if they quit enforcing fouls.

Or perhaps introduced a scattering of hidden land mines into the field before play begins.

I’ve often felt the game would become much more strategic if the teams each had an extra player. He’d be locked in a tiny room at the top of the grandstands, equipped with a sniper rifle… and ONE bullet… and a headset phone hotline to his coach. I mean, wouldn’t that really make things interesting? Especially towards the bottom of the fourth quarter.

Or, hell, just fire all the players and have the cheerleaders play the game instead… I’d watch that. For a while, anyway…

Don’t give a fiddler’s fart about football, or any sports for that matter. Neither does Mr. S. He’s surfing TV right now and I have a big deadline tomorrow, so I’m working.

When I was in my 20’s and 30’s, I couldn’t understand WHY my father didn’t get excited about sports. Now that I’m in my late 50’s, my kids are excited. I’m not.

Because even though football is the only sport that even remotely interests me, I have no particular attachment to either team.

This is some American thing, right?

(I’m not even interested in English sports. Then again, since the quintessential English sport is cricket, that’s hardly surprising.)

Because I can not watch it (dispatch from Houston).

Because football is boring and stupid. And I’d rather read the SDMB and play around with Flash MX 2004. I seriously can’t sit down and watch a bunch of guys in tight, short pants run around with a ball. It also bugs me that people who play stupid games get more money than people who are actually DOING something to help people, like saving lives. So no, I’m not watching it.

I’m really not interested.

Now, if they had out swords, maces, axes, flails & godentags to the teams…then you got something!

I don’t like football.

And, I have to finish an animation for a class tomorrow. Preferably before Honey comes over in an hour, so we can do something together that is not watching football. (Honey also doesn’t particularly like football, which is a minor one of many reasons he is Honey.)

So the real question is, why am I on the SDMB instead of animating things?

Because I don’t care. I think football is a pretty stupid game. I’d find it a lot more interesting if they’d get rid of all that wussy padding and REALLY go at it. And if they’d play for more than three seconds at a time. Yawn.