The "I Am NOT Watching The Super Bowl" Thread

I’m not the only one not watching, am I?

I’ve got Gone With The Wind on now. It’s on TNT. Later on, I’ll probably make some bread (I’m getting quite good with the breadmaker), floss my teeth, try & rebuild my address book, and…well, anything else except watch that game.

Soooooo…what’s everyone else doing? :smiley:

What, the superbowl is today?

Going to bed, since it’s 23.15 here :slight_smile:

I used to looooove the SuperBowl when I lived in DC, though. That’s because at the time the Redskins were actually in it frequently and I could spend a whole day shopping without having to stand in a single queue :slight_smile:

Can’t watch the SuperBowl. Cable is off.
Forgot to pay the cable bill on Friday and they aren’t open til Monday.

Oh shucky darns.

Guess I’ll have to listen to NPR.
Or watch “The Princess Bride”.
Or stay online for awhile.

Uh oh, a pile of towels and socks is actually moving towards me. Guess I better do the laundry.

I’m at work tonight, so I’m not watching it.

I am taping it though. Maybe I don’t belong here then…

This is it.

Sitting here at my desk with my back to the TV!

I’m not watching, either.

Actually, it’s time to catch a few Z’s over here in the country of pretzels & weissenbier.

S. Norman signs off.

I’m not watching it, and proud of it.

However, I would kill to go to a SuperBowl DopeFest.

I’m munching on an apple and contemplating the essays I have to write in hopes of studying abroad next year. Yes, this is the “brains” essay.

I might swing down to the party in the lounge when I’m done… love those commercials. Plus, free food… mmm.

I would watch it, but I have no TV. I’m a pretty confident woman, but if you think I’m wandering into a bar by myself on Superbowl Sunday, you are INSANE!

Up here in the Great White Nort we don’t get the kickass ads the Americans watching the Bowl get

That would pretty well be the only thing i would watch it for

::eyeballs Crunchy:: No, dahling, you don’t belong in here.

Actually Persephone, I was thinking of you before. I was going to make a thread that said: “I am not watching the Super Bowl and I’m damned proud of it!”

And no, I’m not not watching because I don’t have a TV, or have to work, or didn’t pay the cable bill, or because my fave team isn’t in it. My state’s team IS in the game, but I still refuse to watch. I hate sports.

I’m gonna watch a bit of Gone with the Wind. Read the book last year. And I want to watch the rest of Head. And work on a French essay. Ugh…

I never have. Why start now?

We don’t watch sports at home, though we’re not adverse to going to one of the Oklahoma State football or basketball games since I get the student tickets. But the Superbowl? Feh.

I have a paper to write and a presentation to research and homework avoidance to practice. :slight_smile:

Sitting here at my desk. No TV in the office. A friend just called in and asked “So, you have to work huh? I called you at home and you didnt answer. Why didnt you take the day off?” (sounds of a party in the background) “Well, I need to go tap the second keg now…” He then passes the phone around the house of half drunken persons who are explaining how sorry they are that I cant be there and teasing me about missing the nachos and little smokies in BBQ sauce.

… and I cant find an online braodcast!

I’m on the computer, talking with my wife at work via email. :slight_smile:

Just a little, Im catching Survivor II & for some reason its starting at 7pm, right after the bowl game, but you know how those are, could be overtime.

a) I have tons of homework
2. I think most Atlantans have given up on pro football. We’d rather not think about the sad fact that we are home to the Falcons.

I plan to get my work done, goof around on the internet, occasionally wander in the kitchen for some snacks and a glimpse at a commercial or two, and wander back to things that actually interest me.

Mrs. Cal and I didn’t know that it had already started – we never watch it. We’ve rented “Gladiator” for tonight.

Ugh. I wish my family would just leave me alone instead of trying to get me to come out and watch the Super Bowl with them. I hate football.