Why can't I get to American Airlines online?

I need to print my boarding passes, and every website associated with American Airlines just loads a blank page. I’ve run my anti-virus software, restarted my computer, and used two different browsers to try, but nothing seems to work. Is there a shortcut or a trick to getting to a website like that? It doesn’t seem possible that the problem is with them. But what else can I try?

I have no problem getting through to https://www.aa.com/homePage.do . One great site for diagnosing problems is http://www.downforeveryoneorjustme.com/ that can tell you quickly if the problem is on your end or farther up the chain.

Yeah, so if it’s me, and apparently it is, how do I get around the problem? Is there some trick for fooling whatever is holding my computer hostage?

Try hitting Ctrl F5 to clear your browsers cache.

Didn’t do the trick. Any other suggestions?

Clearing your browser cache sometimes helps.

Also check if the website* somehow got added to something like a hosts file or a block list on your router.

*Note that it may not be a problem with just the website, but an advertiser on the web site. The last time I used Delta’s site to print tickets, I got an infinite hang going from one page to the next due to being routed thru an advertiser between pages and that advertiser was blocked. Had to figure out what was blocked and temporarily allow it.

Note that if such an advertiser is part of this, just having the advertiser’s site wonky also causes problems.

(If you’re a paying customer already, getting a non-functional site due to ad blocking is incredibly jerkish.)

Aha! That was it. I’m using an adblocker and it apparently blocked the hell out of the website. I turned off a few of the trackers that were following me on that site and, voila, got where I was going. Thanks, all.