Why can't U.S. news be like this?

Ursula McCarthy reports an assault in Ireland. Video:

Irish court report

‘What are ye bleedin’ looking at?’

‘It frightened the shite out of me altogether, Lord Jesus.’

Ursala is an alpha newsbabe!!

Sexy accent.

Dammit, why can’t we have sexy accents?

So you haven’t seen “The Bed Intruder” or “Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That?”

Points to her for not cracking up during any of that; you know she wanted to!

That’s where I was going to go with it. :slight_smile: I could probably listen to what Sarah Palin has to say on any topic if she’d just say it with an Irish accent.

In case anyone didn’t realise it’s a spoof, not a real news report.

Nuts. You’re just saying that to keep me from moving there.

Ha ha, a certain Scottish accent wasn’t why I watched SGU, but it sure the hell is why I watch “Once Upon A Time.”