Why Chick Tracts in the Pit?

There’s another one there now!!!


Sure, most of us find Jack Chick’s (if that is his real name, if he is still alive, if he’s an actual person and not an amalgam of bad cartoonists) hate-mongering to be repugnant, we also recognize that his poorly-written and badly drawn comic-booky thingies have a certain amount of entertainment value. I also note that Chick Tract threads seem remarkably free of invective, this despite the aforementioned hate-mongering.

So, why do they always seem to be started in the Pit? I think Cafe Society would be a more appropriate forum.

Oh, hell, I could have sworn I had gotten back to the forum page and clicked “New Thread”.



I think it’s so we can go ahead and say ‘fuck’ as much as we want to. Sometimes, with Jack Chick, that’s important.

Haw! Haw! Haw!

It is a long held and honored tradition. Might as well ask why Sata wears red, or if the Tooth-Fairy really lives in a castle made of teeth.

Putting Chick in Cafe Society implies that he has some sort of talent outside of hatemongering.

We discuss many crappy forms of art and entertainment in CS. And using expletives is fine, as long as we’re not directing them at other posters.
I think Chick belongs in CS.

Hate-mongering? Good lord.

I don’t, because what he does is in no way, shape or form, art. It’s like requesting people to put threads about Fred Phelp’s latest flier in CS IMO. YMMV.


I really don’t think it’s fair to bring Satan into this, since he was banned and isn’t around to defend himself.

I think Binarydrone meant Santa, given that it’s more like Satan is red rather than wears red.

Maybe Binarydrone meant Stan, who wore white with red numbers, with the bird-on-the-bat.

Maybe, but I thought he was obsessed with Eminem and drove off a bridge with his girlfriend in the trunk.

Jack Chick is old-fashioned Southern Baptist. He gives the denomination a bad name. :frowning:

satin, red satin

tres chic :smiley:

Wouldn’t a castle made of deciduous teeth smell of rot?

I don’t know; if you have tooth decay does that give YOU bad breath?

Kinda miss him though…