Why close 9/11 wreckage thread mod?

The mods obviously didnt like my 9/11 thread. I wonder why? Pearl Harbor and 9/11 were indeed both false flag ops. Its been proven. Is this site illuminati-funded? Is this site pro 16th amendment, and pro- federal reserve act of 1913? JFK and Lincoln knew better, and so should you.

Why is this wikipedia article so long?


…the mods are obviously part of the conspiracy. As am I, as I’ve just reported this post for a forum change.

I find Lincoln’s opinion of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, Pearl Harbor, and 9/11 to be suspect at the least.

CMC fnord!

Ever hear of greenbacks? Or the illuminati member that killed him?

Thanks for your input. All the best.

And of course, 9/11 was perpetrated by some arabs with boxcutters. Whatever happened to the real witnesses?


Revived old threads (apparently you posted again 3 years after the last previous post), called “zombie threads”, are usually closed by the mods. Besides, there’s currently already a long thread about the illuminatis in the pit.

This is mentioned in the post of the mod who closed your thread.
Also, this kind of question relative to the admnistration of the board, should be posted in “About this message board”, not in “great debates”.

So this one shouldnt be closed then, right?

It will probably be moved to “About This Message Board” by a mod since it has been reported by another doper.

Except I am debating that the illuminati have been behind every major war since the french revolution. Theyre behind evolution in the textbooks, the vatican, islam, and every doubter of Jesus.

Which doesn’t change the facts that :

  1. Your first thread was a “zombie thread” which are routinely closed.

  2. This thread is about a mod decision (closing your previous thread) so should go to ATMB, not to “great debates”
    I won’t answer anymore because I begin to feel like I’m “junior-moding”.

Then I apologize to the mods. I didnt know about ‘zombie thread’ etiquette. However i really am debating something here.

Interesting. So what you’re saying is that the Illuminati are first and foremost the enemies of (Protestant) Christianity?

It seems at this point like you are effectively arguing that most people are in the Illuminati.

No illuminati member really worships Jesus. Most are luciferian, like many freemasons (not all).

Which is it then? Am I member of the vast Jewish Conspiracy, or the illuminati? I can never remember and I lost my membership card.



Most people dont have all the power and money.

The real question is, why dont you believe Jesus is the messiah?