Why close 9/11 wreckage thread mod?

Oh, the Illuminati secretly took over the Jews years ago with the backing of the lizard people.

It always comes down to lizards sooner or later.

Notice how I mentioned the vatican, islam, and not Judaism? Im not trying to argue against the jews, because theyre partially correct (old testament).

It’s not clear what you are debating here and the thread title does not help. If this thread is really about the closing of the 9/11 wreckage thread by a moderator it will pretty soon get moved to ATMB.

If on the other hand you have something to debate about the Illuminati and their influence on history start a new threat setting out you argument clearly and with supporting evidence. Before doing this read **Kozmik’s **clusterfuck of a threat in the BBQ Pit- now on 416 posts and rising - this will maybe give you some idea of the questions you will be challenged with and encourage you to actually produce some evidence, or at least a coherent theory.

Doesn’t matter. It’s lizards all the way down.

Ive already posted evidence to the false flag op of Pearl Harbor. 9/11 should be obvious enough. Thanks for your input, though.

Its good vs. evil, everywhere.

What is the topic of this thread?

Because he’s not the Messiah, he’s a very naughty boy!

That the illuminati is real and behind most of the evil in the world.

Just different lizard factions running false flag ops to fool the mole people.

Wrong. The topic of this thread, which you wrote, is stated at the beginning of this thread: Why close 9/11 wreckage thread mod?.
You asked the mods why a particular thread was closed.

Thread topic does not equal thread title. Sorry about the confusion though.

Did you know that wars are extremely profitable for the military industrial complex, and the bankers supporting it?

Your OP matches the title though, speculating on reasons the thread was closed. 0/2

Sure. Of course, they’re all lizards too. Except the Air Force, they’re wombats.

I also mentioned Pearl Harbor, 9/11, the 16th amendment, and the federal reserve act of 1913. Any opinion on those?

Then, since the Vatican recognize both the old and the new testament, I’m not sure why catholics aren’t off the hook, too…
In fact, even Muslims recognize the old and new testament to some extent. It’s not uncommon for a Muslim preacher answering a Christian’s argument to quote them as a reliable evidence, for instance. Some videos I saw of muslims quoting bible verses as quickly as a machine gun is shooting bullets would amaze many a Christian preacher.

In order; Japanese lizards, Islamolizards, taxlizards, and the mole people. They won that one.

Which doesn’t mean that people heading them belong to the illuminatis. Only that they like making money.

The Vatican is all about making money. This is completely against the teachings of the bible. One look at the pope and his gold hat and you know this. Im not accusing all members of islam of anything, just the founders (which was the vatican, ironically).