Why did you choose that avatar?

Magritte’s Son of Man
Not just a avatar for myself but sort of an avatar for how I see everyone else here. A whole lot of people we may or may not know always partially hidden by the anonymity of the internet. Everyone choosing how much of themselves to reveal through their words but always something hidden. Even the most open, personal posting members we can relate to and make connections with we know very little about.

I thought it was important to dress up for your avatar picture!

(I like the idea of Moriarty as a username, since it evokes somebody as capable as Sherlock Holmes, albeit from a demented perspective. From there, I sought an avatar that would evoke that Victorian era. Plus, I’m a history nerd, and it’s one of my favorite time periods. And I like the look of a nice suit. I, myself, am clean shaven)

It’s the headstock of my Fender Precision Bass.

I have multiple bass guitars (as all bassists do) but this one is my favorite no-nonsense go-to when I want to play some unfamiliar song in public.

If I have time to practice, I often play fretless bass, but playing an impromptu walking bass line on a fretless bass can turn into a hot mess if I don’t practice the songs ahead of time, so I just grab the P-bass instead–it’s like putting on a comfortable pair of sneakers.

I need to remind myself to not snack while Doping.

You would rather I gave a picture of the dung?

I like that my avatar isn’t a glamorous Egyptian scarab, just a goofy little bug with a job.
I also chose a photo for my user card background which is representative of the usual state of affairs around here.

@Airbeck . I love that one!

I am impressed by how much thought some have put into their avatar choices and your explanation perhaps impresses me the most! Cool.

Mine is just a Bitmoji of me, which shows up in the small box better than a photo does. I am boring and not as creative as many here.

I made it. It’s the Washington, DC flag in black with a modified AC/DC logo on top.

It’s my logo as a VFX artist. I tried to come up with a symbol which could mean “energy and motion”. I tend to use it everywhere now.

It’s a picture of Gary Gnu. What else would I put there?

Because I miss Grumpy Cat. And I fancy I look about like this when I’m driving. : )

You know what they say…no gnus is good gnus!

Favorite movie.

A NASA image of Ultima Thule, enhanced courtesy of the digital skills of @Dr.Crap

My default was a block “P” on a pink background, but I don’t like pink, so I googled & found a block “P” on a blue background.

I always admired the historical pun of my username. My avatar is one of the few images of the (alleged) perpetrator that doesn’t show a stodgy old man.

“When the legend becomes fact, print the legend!”

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance

Ponch8, you are a wild man. Person?
Wild person doesn’t sound as wild.

I’ve always loved that pun. None of my students ever got it. (Or conversely, they got it and just thought it and I were/are stupid.)

Today I learned. :innocent:

Given that reason, and to differentiate you from whitetho, you might consider a transparent avatar. I tested one myself, and it works fine, so I could send it to you, if you’d like.

Oh, my avatar was one made by @Dr.Crap. I hadn’t actually originally planned to change my avastar, but challenged him to find an avatar that conveyed the concept of an actual big T, and he came up with this tree from the Simpsons.