Why did you choose that avatar?

The hell-fiend demanded I use it.

Graphic of my username.

That’s incredibly clever. I never noticed it was that big T.

weird ugly grumpy frog; self-explanatory really.

Plus myself of course. FrogSQUAD assemble!

Of course, that means we have a dancing yoga frog, a grumpy frog, and a shapeshifting evil entity masquerading as a frog. Hmmm. I feel that we’d assemble only to find ourselves with nothing in common. Sad really. :grin:

Every night, when the day is done, I stop and reflect on the state of my existence and the world around me. That’s when I look like my avatar.

Exeter from This Island Earth, because I was new to this place at that time (thus “an alien to your world”) and because of viewing it through something (a PC monitor) along the lines of an interocitor (albeit rectangular, not triangular).

@peccavi I admire your Napier wit. :wink:

For Christmas 2016 I got a “Scream” jigsaw puzzle, which I finished shortly before Trump’s inauguration. I took a picture of the puzzle and made it my avatar on Facebook, and it stayed there for the entirety of his term in office.

I feel like it goes without saying.

Hounds from hell can be difficult to resist. Heaven knows I’ve tried…