Why do dads hate being called "Pop?"

I’m one and the only time I won’t like it is when my daughter does it to annoy me on purpose (right now she calls me worse names.)

I suppose it comes from “papa,” as most Americans have a European heritage. There must be a sizable percentage of American children brought up to call their parents “mama” or “papa.” It’s just that tv shows mainly depict the southern “maw” and “paw.”


They do? Lamont called Fred Sanford pop.

I don’t know what west African children call their parents.

It’s a bit dismissive, especially when pluralized as “pops.”

I don’t think dads hate it. Thank god I don’t have kids (I’d need a live-in maid/nanny, which sounds like a hassle).

I call my dad “pops” or “big ____” (his first name) all the time when I see him. I don’t know for sure, but he doesn’t seem to care. I doubt he’s big on “old man,” though.

Kwai Chang Cain’s son the cop called him pop conversationally and during times of warmth. And he still hated it.

When my father became a grandfather he chose to be called Pop in the same manner his own father had been called. So I assume he’s fine with it.

Granddad, Gramps may have been candidates, but Papa was never a chance, nor was Pa or Paw.

“Pop” or “Papa” really grate on me, and I’m not sure why. They sound old-fashioned to my ears, I guess.

Whoa! Ditto. We must be brothers.

My kid calls me Pop, and I call him Rugrat; doesn’t bother either of us.

My Grandfather, before he joined the Masons, called Catholic priests “pops”. He was apparently a bit of a character…

My husband and his brother call their dad “Pop.” He even refers to himself as “Pop” when he leaves voice mails on my phone, so I think he’s ok with it. I like it. I think it sounds warm and friendly.

My great grandfather was also called Pop. His real name was Myron, though, so Pop was an improvement.

Yeah, I didn’t realize dads hated it. I’ve know a few in my family who seemed to love it.

We called my grandpa Poppy when we were little. I called my dad Pops for fun sometimes, but usually Daddy when we were being more serious.

My uncle was called Pop or Pops by his sons, Daddy by his daughter. All of his grandkids called him Pops.

All of them seemed to like their nicknames.

I called my father “Pop” all my life. He was OK with it.

My grandfather went by Pop to both his kids and grandkids. The Fella and one BIL call my dad Pop (the other two BILs call him by his first name and my SIL tends to refer to him as Grandpa). It all depends on what Pop likes. :stuck_out_tongue:

the ones that don’t like it aren’t beer drinkers. they dislike it because it sounds like a beer opening.

We were raised to call our parents Mama and Papa, but Papa starting sounding babyish so we changed it to Pop probably by age ten or so. It stuck and I don’t think he is offended.

“Pop” or “Poppa” was what I called my Grandfather.

My own father was just plain “Dad.”

When (in the wake of my Grandfather passing away) I once suggested that Dad be called “Poppa,” (he does have grandchildren) he disagreed, saying, “No, I’m no Poppa, like your Granddad.”

Fair enough. To my sister and me, our father is “Dad”; to my sister’s kids, he’s “Granddad.”

But I had a Poppa. He was a fine fellow.

Gosh, me and my daughter have about 20 names for my son.
We have at least 10+ for her.
I have at least 10+ including pop and pops. I love it.
Dad,daddy,popslarops, dadio, Pappa, father, my real name and many more and variants thereof.
It is great. I am having trouble thinking of what’s wrong with it or why someone would hate it.
Me 41
Daughter 14
Son 7

I think I am called dad the most but never thought of it. I will pay attention this week and also ask them out of curiosity.

This is an odd thread. Pop is a noble and affectionate handle.