why do drug casualties like Brian Wilson, Ozzy, and Anna Nicole appear retarded?

Besides the obvious answer “the drugs fucked them up.” Brian Wilson and Ozzy in particular are incoherent, blubbering messes, and Anna Nicole Smith does that whole perma-baby talk thing. What actually happened to their brains that causes them to be this way?

Ozzy and Smith are still all drugged up, so that might be part of their problem. As to the specifics of what happened to their brain I don’t know, but have you seen the egg demonstration?

more importantly… why can we actually understand Ozzy when he sings?

You are assuming that they were coherent before taking drugs?

“This is your brain… this is your brain on drugs”. And apparently* after* too many drugs also. :eek:

This is probably a stupid question, but do we happen to know what drugs/ Ozzy used/s?

Actually, could we break it down into some kind of pie chart of the relative amounts of the different drugs he’s used over his lifetime? (Say, 40% Cocaine, 20% Heroin, etc.)

But, I guess the only way to get some real answers would be to dissect Anna Nicole’s brain. Someone might get a medal for doing that.


Well, here’s a start as to Ozzy’s drug use. Self admitted on the Larry King show.

That commercial always makes me hungry for breakfast tacos when I’m stoned. LOL!

What drugs did OZZY use? (all of them)… there’s a Behind the Music special on VH1 about Motley Crue. They went on tour with Ozzie -

So anyway, they were all jacked up, partying for a couple of days when the tourbus pulled into a gas station.

They all get out, and Ozzie looks down and sees a line of ants eating a half melted popsicle. Ozzie casually bends down with a straw, and SNORTS THE LINE OF ANTS.

At which point Motley Crue decided…“Okay. You win… you’re the ultimate party rock star”

If the man will snort ants, what drug WOULDN’T he do?!?


He wouldn’t bite the head off a bat, that’s for sure.

Oh, wait…

I think that doing drugs is pretty retarded in the first place (but I definitely don’t put in the same sack someone who is in pain as someone who steals Mom’s pills because someone has told him it’s the kool thang ta do).

Well, not on purpose, anyway, according to this bit by Snopes:

Heh heh … the bat got its revenge, however slight.

Is Anna Nicole Smith’s bizarreness really drug-related? Was she not always that way?

It isn’t always the drugs themselves – remember, illegal drugs are often “cut”, and dealers aren’t always fussy about what they use. So some of the damage is from non-drug substances used to dilute the actual drugs.

Some drugs, such as crack cocaine and crystal meth, use toxic solvents and other chemicals in the refining process. At best you’ll have some trace amounts, and if the cooking is done by people who are high, careless, or just don’t give a damn there may be significant levels of crap in there, any of which can cause organ, nervous system, or brain damage.

OD’ing to the point of cardiac arrest - or even just a really good coma-like condition - is not good for the health of your brain.

And some drugs can do outright damage - some club drugs apparently cause direct brain damage which can lead to Parkinson-like conditions. How strongly an individual is affected depends on dose, exact chemical, and heredity.

Various sorts of damage can lead to people needing to be medicated for what are now actual medical conditions, such as Parkinson sorts of syndromes, and THOSE medications can have side effects.

Let’s not forget that Ozzy is also a legendary drinker…

When The Osbournes first became popular one of the TV stations in Australia showed an interview with Ozzy made a few years before. It had been the pilot for an interview show where the interviewer took some celebrity to a local suburban cafe and conducted an interview. The show was never made and the interviewer kept the video at home to show to friends.

Ozzy was charming and funny and perfectly articulate. I remember at the time being shocked at how quickly he had deteriorated in only a few years by the evidence of The Osbournes.

Ozzy has stated that he came from an abusive family situation and was constantly told growing up that he was an idiot and wouldn’t amount to anything.

I think you have to consider that as contributory.


As for why he can sing coherently, it’s because the portion of the brain that controls speech is physically different from that portion of the brain that controls singing. His speech center is apparently pretty seriously damaged. Stroke, maybe?

I think it was reported that Ozzy was being treated by a questionable MD who kept him drugged up and isolated. Lots of people were apparently shocked at how he looked.

I think he’s better now that they figured the bad MD out and booted him.

In the case of Anna Nicole Smith, the pie chart also included chocolate cream and lemon meringue.

It was my impression that Brian Wilson’s mental problems are genetic (i.e., a mental condition he was born with) and not caused by any drugs he took. He may have made them worse by taking drugs. That’s actually quite common. Someone with a mental problem takes drugs or alcohol because they offer temporary relief for their problems, although they make them worse in the long term.

Anna Nicole Smith’s baby talk voice isn’t caused by drugs. Partly it’s caused by the natural range of her voice and partly it’s a way of talking that she picked up. It’s my impression that some women talk like that in the belief that men find it sexy. (Do any men find it sexy?)

Absolutely true. That’s why stutterers (like me) can sing just fine.