Why do hangnails only occur on the right side of my thumbnail?

When I get hangnails, they only occur on the right side of my thumbnail, but never on the left side. This is true on both hands. (I am left-handed, if that matters). Why only on the right side though? Is it common to only have hangnails on one side of the thumbnail and not the other?

Um, I’ve had hangnails on both sides of my thumbnail. So either you’re weird, or I am… :smiley:

you are flawed for life.

from what i’ve heard damage or malfunction of the nail growing area causes a thinness of the nail that is easily fractured. the edges can easily fracture with the grain so it doesn’t take much of a flaw to become evident.

That’s the side you chew on?

Or the side that you start on when using a nail clipper?