Why do i suddenly feel.....old?

this afternoon, while i was helping a customer with her iMac repair, a couple of teens came into the store and looked around, then left, then the same two came back in, with a couple more freinds, then a few more…

all told, we had about 8 people in a small retail store, all looking at very expensive computer hardware…

I immediately went into “security guard” mode, keeping an eye on them, making sure they weren’t trying to shoplift anything…

i suddenly felt old… “damn kids better not try anything stupid in my store”

then they started asking questions, good, technical questions, turns out they were just shopping like any other customer, i let my guard down a little, but never completely, because they “might try something”…

damn i feel old today…and ashamed of myself, i really shouldn’t be thinking like that

however, i have worked in stores where people have used diversionary tactics to shoplift, and i didn’t want that happening here, so part of it was me legitimately wanting to protect my store’s interests…

after talking with them about various stuff (how much they hate windows, how cool it was to work in a Mac store, it was clear they were just shopping, and they didn’t know that they were triggering alarms by coming in in a group and multiple people asking questions, they were just happy teens in a cool computer store, nothing more

Geez MacTech, stop being so paranoid…

…what?, me paranoid?, WHO WANTS TO KNOW!!!


I first realized that I was assuming a geezer mindset when I found myself thinking of young people as “those punk kids” rather than “us cool folks.” Once young people became “them” rather than “us,” my mind started trying to slam shut.

Fortunately, I got my metaphorical foot in the door, and I haven’t gone completely over to the Grey Side of the Force.

I truly, truly want the neighbourhood kids to stay offa my lawn. There, I said it. My name is featherlou, and I’m a crotchety old geezer.

You are my idol. :wink:

I want those darn kids to stop flashing their midriffs. I want to be able to buy jeans that don’t end 2 inches under my tummy button.

I am old.

Oh, man, I forgot about the clothes. I’m 38 years old, with a 38 year old figure. I don’t want to show off my belly or my butt crack. I don’t want my shirts so tight that you can see my bra through the gaps. I don’t want my pants so tight and so low that I have to hold them up when I sit down. I don’t want tight pants with bell bottoms that emphasize my beautiful, round shape. I have never seen such a bunch of uncomfortable-looking clothes as the current fashions. I see young girls mincing around in too-tight everything, and I just want to go home and put my sweats on.

And the shoes. Oh, good lord in the heavens above, the shoes. I have to go lie down now.

(I’ve never been an idol before. Does it involve much work? :smiley: )

I’ve heard that it’s a pretty cushy job, with virgins sacrificing themselves to you and all that.

This morning I was given a mug with my 9-week-old daughter’s mug on it.
Cute as hell, but how’d I get old enough to have a kid?

Try having a child half way through the first year of high school. I keep thinking it’s a weird dream.

I can’t possibly be almost 40!

I’ve always been an old fart. The hair’s greying for the part now, is all.

It doesn’t matter how old you feel, when you get those stray hairs growing out of your ears that you have ti clip…you are allowed to feel old.