Why do people hate Anne Hathaway?

She’s more hated than Chris Brown.

I think she’s seen as smug and fake. Never met her so I have no idea.

Not sure why she would be hated more than Chris Brown. As far as I know, she’s never physically assaulted her partner. In my book, Chris Brown ranks wayyyy up there on the “most hated” list.

Oddly, she is the first cousin of a co-worker. Haven’t met her personally, but she sounds nice enough.

She’s rich, beautiful, and privileged.

I wasn’t aware people hated Anne Hathaway. Can you give some examples?

They look at a Buzzfeed article, which seems to list the following reasons:

Her Face.
She Looks Stupid.
She Ruined “The Dark Knight Rises”
She ruined “Love and Other Drugs.”
She ruined “Ella Enchanted”
She ruins everything.

Some people (who seemingly have no reason to lie about it) have reported her behaving badly IRL.
It could be BS to sell papers, it could be staged for publicity, or she might really not deal well with people she doesn’t know inside her zone of personal space.

Or she requires a twenty to thirty foot diameter zone of personal space. :smack:

As I understand it, right now she is pregnant & probably doesn’t need the stress. I’m willing to say she falls into the “Really talented, not all that social, has had some truly crappy things happen to her in her lifetime, so I’d let it go” category.

Who hates Anne Hathaway? Not me. I like her movies. As for what she’s like personally, I don’t know her and have no opinion. I’ve never heard anything negative about her. Maybe the OP should provide some cites.

She was married to the man for over 30 years, and the only thing he leaves her is the “second-best bed”?!? :dubious: Obviously something’s not right there; granted, it’s kind of a “he-said, she-said” situation, but given the he’s widely considered to be (to quote Wikipedia) “the greatest writer in the English language and the world’s pre-eminent dramatist”, lots of people will naturally take his side without knowing what was really going on in the marriage.

After I saw her in the movie Get Smart, I thought she was just amazingly beautiful and a great actor too. I can’t imagine that many people would hate her - except perhaps because there is a very large segment of people who just love to “pile on”.

So maybe, when one or two people begin to “pile on”, many others will join in for some mysterious reason.

I imagine Bill would be difficult to cope with. Hanging around London theaters, spending hours and hours in pubs writing sonnets, and did he ever send her flowers on her birthday? I very much doubt it.

I don’t pay a lot of attention to Anne Hathaway one way or the other. I don’t recall having seen any of her movies. I’m sure she’s perfectly nice.

She has an enormous mouth, though. Kind of a Joker grin, really. Her gaping maw takes up half of her face.

Other than that, she’s quite lovely.

I heart Anne Hathaway, and if The Dark Knight Rises was prevented from being a good movie, it can only be because they didn’t cast Adam West as Batman (honestly, the Batman movies have been taking the character so fucking seriously, starting with Tim Burton’s version. I can’t even see the point of watching them these days).

That said, after Eartha Kitt did Catwoman, no one else needed to have even tried. Trying to do better than her interpretation of the character is a fool’s errand.

Yeah, well, about that. If it weren’t for ‘Billy Bard’ getting all sappy over Anne, we’d have fewer of those schmaltzy sonnets. And he could’ve used the extra time to finish that sequel to Macbeth he was always talking about in the pub.

I think that’s it too. She’s been privileged her whole life. Through no fault of her own.

We are talking about the current actress, yes?

Aside: it’s really a tribute to the influence of the Silver Age comics and TV show that a character that started out as grim and dark and is currently known for being grim and dark is so associated with lighthearted camp because of that ONE relatively brief period when he was.

Well, that’s a good point, although I thought he was getting sappy over a fellow – one reason poor Anne got stuck with the second-best bed.

What I hear the most is that she “tries too hard”, whatever the hell that means.

I actually only opened this Thread to see if it was a zombie Thread that had been reopened because of some recent new event. Truth is, Anne Hathaway hatred is old news and not nearly as much of a thing as it used to be. The Cracked article linked above is from the summer of 2014- and even that, I’d say, came as the hatred was cooling off a bit. The Cracked article links to a December 2012 Buzzfeed article- that was more in the Hathaway hatred heyday.

By the time Intersteller came out in fall of 2014 I think it was all a thing of the past. Sure, there were and probably are still individuals who hate Anne Hathaway for whatever their reasons but Hathaway hatred as a cultural phenomenon proved to be no more than a fad.

Yeah, it was very much a pile-on kind of a thing with the rallying cry being that she was artificial/too “perfect”/and, as Alessan recounts, “tries too hard”. Many people hated hated her Oscar acceptance speech. Her opening line, gazing at the statuette, “You came true!” really made people’s stomachs turn- it was like she was giving a performance rather than being sincere and in the moment.
Now, this was the same year that Jennifer Lawrence also won (Hathaway won Supporting Actress for Les Miserables while Lawrence won Best Actess in a Lead for Silver Lining’s Playbook). Everyone adored Jennifer Lawrence because she was “real”, a woman who burps and farts and falls down. People placed Anne Hathaway and Jennifer Lawrence at opposite ends of a spectrum. Lawrence was the one people could imagine having a beer with.

That’s all just an explanation of the cultural phenomenon. I didn’t agree with it then and I don’t agree with it now -although, again, I don’t really think it’s a thing anymore, I really did expect this to be a zombie thread.

The Dope always tends to be a few years behind the rest of pop culture. There was a recent Kanye West thread where several people were claiming to be hearing about him for the first time (or at least claiming they’d never heard any of his music). :rolleyes: